Monday, 7 November 2016

Record Review - Remark - Soul b/w Being Human

"Can't Deny It, 'Cos There's More Than Meets The Eye"

There is a sense of heavy urgency with a huge, busy beat helping the song to convey it's message in this full-on sonic assault.
The a-side, 'Soul' is a return to form from Sublime Wizardry MC, Remark aka The Remarkable One as this 7" offering (a self-released, totally independent exercise) shows.
The layered samples are reminiscent of Public Enemy production circa 1990 (the "I know you got soul' vocal sample is a subtle nod) and work well in this isolated aural paranoia where the one lone voice is screaming out a message of sanity.
At points there is so much going on in the mix that Remark's voice is almost enveloped by the production which is a shame as 7" Soul is one of the more salient pieces of wax in this increasing world of fluffy, throwaway rap.

'Being Human' on the flipside begins with more great cuts from DJ Tones as he rips up the legendary pop-ska group, Madness. This is a much smoother track but not easy like a Sunday morning kind of smooth. Still keeping that wicked flow over an almost dub-heavy rhythm with crashing, full-flavoured reverby, as-fat-as-ya-like snares.

As much as I love both tracks I really do like the production on Being Human more and I'm not sure why. It's very subtle but maybe it's just the little touches like the reversed keys at the intro or the extra crunching drums that come in just at the right time.

Remark always has that experimental steez with non-compromising lyrics destined to make you think while you nod your head and clap your hands to what he's doing - always on tempo, Jack.
In the background providing the extra sheen is DJ Tones polishing that wax like Mr Miyagi. Super-quick and clean cuts just elevate Remark's vocals and give the songs that further stroke of professionalism.

As well as producing this fat slab of wax The Remarkable 1 has also overseen a music video for each cut. Taking that Roy Castle approach and bringing the dedication because that's what we need.

This release is available now on limited edition 7" vinyl and digital download. Go HERE to get your copy but hurry if you want the physical.

Ever forward, ever upwards.
Listen, I don't care who you are. Go out and buy. This. Record.
Food for ya cranium lets you see the essential, chomp it all down and release your potential. Don't be another flunky bowing down, deferential, this is what you need to become influential.

Support UK rap.

Being Human


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