Saturday, 25 March 2017

ABU #65 Teaser Trailer & Flyer

So it's been a while since we at ABU hit you up with a podcast. With this in mind the cogs began turning in the collective ABU creative machine and before you know it - BAMM! - Podcast #65 is just about ready to roll.

Actually the truth is that I have been putting it together since the beginning of the year but very slowly.
At this point I'm unsure as to either broadcast it (it's a pre-record) next Thursday at 9pm via Mixlr - remember Disco Scratch and their servers are now no longer around - or otherwise upload it to the usual spot - hearthis.
I shall proceed to do a test broadcast to see if I can still bag my free 2 hours - Mixlr usually lets you have one hour free and that's it without a premium account, however ABU seems to have flown under that particular radar and can get away with 2 hours +.

Anyhoo, due to the importance of this event we can proudly present to you a little trailer knocked up to get your tastebuds going in anticipation.
And not only that but a rather dope and phenomenal flyer as well. I came up with the idea of a Star Wars theme and was all going well until I hit the brick wall which was involving some sort of b-boy character.
There was only one choice of who to involve and that was the masterful LG of Digging 4 Victory/Style Warrior. LG provided us with the amazing character design you can see here and quite frankly if this doesn't get snapped up and made into this year's top-selling Xmas toy then there is no justice in the world.

Keep your ears open and I'll let you know the outcome of when/how to hear Podcast #65.
If you are 'following' ABU on Mixlr then you may get a notification that we are performing a test broadcast soon. Don't get excited as it will be just that. I may not even run any audio either.

Take it easy,
Cakemaster Repo

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great news! Looking forward to it, cheers Repo!

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