Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sound of Song - BBC iPlayer....quick!

I happened to come across this tonight on BBC4.
A brief 60 minutes of recent music technology by way of 1970s' prog rock, disco and a neat bit of New York hip hop history (with Hank Shocklee - pictured). The programme host even goes to East River and stands at the famous Ampitheatre featured in Wild Style.

Check it out here but be quick about it as it will disappear in 29 days from today.

Composer and musician Neil Brand's series exploring the alchemy that creates great songs reaches the modern era, when a revolution in how they were made took place. From the synthesisers of symphonic rock to the mixes of disco and the samplings of hip hop, music was transformed by the arrival of digital technology and the computer, which gave some songwriters more power but others much less. Along the way Neil talks synths with Rick Wakeman from Yes, samples with Public Enemy's Hank Shocklee, uncovers the surprising lo-fi origins of Bruce Springsteen's stadium-busting Born in the USA, and finds out how Cher changed the sound of her voice on the smash hit Believe.

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