Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Paul Nice Breaks For Days 2 - The Rise & Fall Via Social Media

Yeah, well. This is a bit embarrassing.

Up until a week ago my estimation of Paul Nice was that he thoroughly deserved his moniker what with being such a great beatsmith and all. However it's come to light (via Facebook) that he is actually duping a lot of people by promising to sell them his products and then stopping any communication with them. Or if he does then it's then accompanied by tales of woe and broken promises.

Basically he's pocketing all their hard-earned cash.
All I can do is shake my head.

Remember life before social media? Didn't that thin veil of mystique that enshrouded your favourite artist used to be so welcome - at least now in hindsight? Did you, like me, feel that the solid line of separation between artist and fan mean that you looked up to them that much more?
Nowadays with everything seemingly on a flat surface, a ground zero if you will where the playing field is almost wide open there seems to exist a blurring of lines and DJ Supa-Beatmaker is now your virtual BFF because he 'liked' one of your Twitter or Instagram posts.

The rise of social media, at least in my eyes, has been a double-edged sword and has shone a spotlight - either good or bad - on everyone in the public eye, magnifying their everyday behaviour.
Someone who behaves like a nob probably WAS a nob back in 1992 but it's only now that because celebrity invites Joe Public into their lives through the medium of their smartphone that everything is up for discussion and there isn't really room for secrets any more.

There's a whole other related topic I could get into about social media and how it is very good for spreading music to thousands of pairs of ears in an instant. It's just that another thousand pair of ears then want to share their music to even more ears. The rise of social media means the lowering of quality control and proliferation of average songs that are pushed to seemingly sky-high levels because of the almost now-meaningless and redundant 'Like' button. A barometer of mediocrity.

Anyway, that said, enjoy this mix from half of of The Fabreze Brothers - who's album of the same name is still one of my absolute favourites from the past few years - which features some great breaks that even though you know well do still love.

Breaks for Days 2 - Mixed by DJ Paul Nice


Big shout to Pipomixes for the heads-up.

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