Tuesday, 24 July 2018

DIG Mag Issue 1 Review

The internet changed everything.

From altering the way (and speed) we obtain news, listen to music, watch films to socialising and meeting other people.
It can be also argued that the internet killed the written word. Well, not killed exactly but perhaps scared the shit out of it causing the printed media to acknowledge that its' days were numbered and that it might be forced to pull a sickie or two.

Whilst this is certainly true in the cut & thrust world of well-respected and now defunct mags such as FHM, The Face, More! and Christian Reformer, all of whom couldn't cope due to the large drop in readership of magazines in general some publications have had a stay of execution and continue to adorn newsagent shelves.

This can only be temporary of course because as our reading habits continue to evolve then so will our buying habits. Digital is the buzzword. Many famous brands have their toes dipped in both worlds and continue to sell in a tactile as well as this mythical fashion. But what if you still value the old ways? What if you will never relinquish the feeling of holding a physical object in your hand?

What? Do you mean something akin to wanting to still collect dusty old records rather than listening to mp3 files?
Well, I hope you're wearing some double-thickness pants because I'm about to shock you.

DIG magazine is a real, physical, compact and very beautiful publication aimed at those who appreciate the world of record collecting. I say beautiful because this is exactly what it is. Created with an abundance of love for design and perfection this box-shaped mag bursts with pride from the very first glance.
The magazine itself is petite - 12cmx12cm - and comes housed in a square, transparent plastic case which has a superb record crate design emblazoned upon it with the DIG logo. Flip it over and you'll notice a humorous sticker securing the flap. This is a lovely touch.
Once you've slid the magazine out you'll notice that it could easily fit inside a generic CD jewel case. However it is slightly larger than the average liner notes pamphlet and thankfully so because it holds 28 pages of gorgeous-quality, 150GSM+, gloss coated paper. Yessir.

Written on this high-fallutin' paper are musings from all manner of the weird, the wonderful, the famous and the fabulous spouting their tales of musical discoveries in brief, bite-size chunks.
You have graphic artist to the stars, Mr Krum talking about a recent chazza find (Ronnie Dukes & Ricki Lee, 'Spinning Wheel') and Britain's answer to Rammellzee, susanslegpolicy and his joy of finding a much sought-after 45 from his Wants list.
Keep flipping through and you have Chris from The Shed, DJ Format and Mr Thing as well as others all regaling stories of their vinyl obsession.

Together with reading the magazine DIG also supplies a link to a specially-made mix of all the songs mentioned throughout which instantly adds another worthy dimension to an already marvellous product.
Look closely at each entry on the pages and you'll also find a link that will take you to the respective Discogs database listing. Come on, if you're that anal-retentive about rekkids then you should have at least be anticipating this. Again, it's a great touch.

As I mentioned earlier, the design is second-to-none with crisp, clean pages emphasizing the straight facts you want to know. Strictly all killer, no filler.
It comes as no surprise then that this project is the brainchild of LG, the same supremo behind Digging 4 Victory, Style Warrior as well as the current Lovegrove (t-shirt) designs.

If you perhaps thought that this write-up was being used as a last-ditch attempt to try and shift at least a few copies then you would humorously mistaken. There was an initial run of a batch of 300 units which sold out in days. In days.
There will be a reprint for anyone that wants one when issue 2 is published but you can still find all the info for issue 1 here.

DIG mag is set to be a real goldmine so you'd be advised to start collecting them as soon as you can.

The main page to buy DIG is here:

If you are on Facebook then go here:

To contribute to a future issue of DIG go here:

LG's Digging 4 Victory podcasts are here:

The Blow Monkeys' 1986 hit Digging Your Scene is here:

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