Friday, 3 October 2008

Streetsounds Electro 4 & 5

Been a bit slack as of late due to college commitments. However here's 2 volumes of the essential Electro series for you to chew on. Or listen to. Whatever.

I'll put up 6 & 7 soon as well.


Ruse One said...

Electro 5 was the first hip-hop record that i bought way way back when it first came out.... loved that Captain Rock song....
Then i got 4.. first RUN DMC song i ever heard..

Brings back so many memories

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Mega! Huge thanks for this, I've been looking for Electro 4 to d/l for a while now... my original (cassette) album went to the tip about 10 years ago =0 It totally brings back memories of attempting to bust some fancy moves in front of suitably unimpressed girls circa '84...

Anonymous said...

awsome !!!!
been looking for electro 5 for the aleem track.
brings back lots of memories, gr8 1's !!!
thanx for your hard work guys.

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