Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Disco Scratch Forum

Just a reminder to everyone to get your asses over to Waxer's Disco Scratch Forum.
It's the number one spot for all your strokey-beard stories and chin-waggin adventures about the UK old school hip hop scene.

----------- click here for the Forum ------------------------------------------------

And if you haven't done it, your help is needed to fill in the blanks on the DS Database for every little conceivable piece of UK hip hop history or anecdote you may have cooped-up in yer craniums.
Some examples of items you'll find are Groove Records, Streetsounds, Westwood, Bombin', Bad Meaning Good, UK Fresh 86 plus many more.

----------- click here for the Database ---------------------------------------------

To paraphrase my man Scenes, you should be on it like Lisa Riley on a cheeseburger.

n.b. If you're the kind of person that likes to SEE what you're blindly clicking on first then here are the URL's in full.
All this trouble....just click on the damn link, y'idiots. Some people.....

Forum -

Database -

Love & hugs,

x x

1 comment:

Waxer said...

Yes yes Benzinoid flexes the science once again ta for the props and the detailed links old son, yes he is indeed correct, much beard stroking and such going on in the forum!

Soon to come this week: Another old school tape rip of UK Hip Hop radio in 1989, the last UK Fresh '86 tape and more additions to the database! Thanks B, hit me up on peace out!

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