Sunday, 6 September 2009

Waterloo Hall Of Fame

I was down in London last weekend to visit the first day of Notting Hill Carnival. I met up with some of the old crew on the train and proceeded to scooch along to some of the sound systems.
In attendance was Mark the old school master, Dynamite Duane, Jazz Jon (Justin), and the legendary Guildford writer, RELIC.
At Waterloo Station REL wanted to show me a new Hall Of Fame which I hadn't heard about as I haven't been in the city for some time now.
About 2 minutes out of the station there is a tunnel running under it which is covered in some superb pieces. I was a bit taken aback as there was a phenomenal amount of art everywhere.

I recommend anyone checking it out as it's really close and easy to get to, especially if you've got a Travelcard.

Below is a short vid I took on the day. Apologies for length but I'll take more footage next time.....


Lord_Fido said...

Hey man, im goin to london NeXT week and some friendster told me that there was a hall of fame in waterloo and I saw this post.

Can you tell me how to arrive?? Some streets names, indications or anything??


Anselmo said...

Gafitti brasil video

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