Thursday, 3 September 2009

Streetsounds Electro Volumes 14 & 15

All volumes up to 11 had 'Electro' on the side, Volume 12 had 'Hip Hop Electro' and Volume 13 dropped the 'Electro' making it less prominent by placing it in the left-hand corner.
There's hardly any electro as we know it here and it has made the shift towards more sampling with Breaking Bells ("Take Me To The Mardis Gras") and South Bronx ("Funky Drummer") paving the way.

Street Sounds Hip Hop Electro 14 (1986)

Herbie Laidley on the mix.


A1 Awesome Foursome - Monster Beat
A2 Tricky Tee - Leave It To The Drums (Here Come The Drums) (Club)
A3 T La Rock - Breaking Bells (Club)
A4 Mixmaster Gee And The Turntable Orchestra - The Manipulator (Extended Version)

B1 Divine Sounds - Me And My Posse
B2 Fresh Force - She's A Skeezer
B3 M.C. Chill Featuring Beatmaster T - Downbeats
B4 Skinny Boys - Rip The Cut

"You big dummy!"

Street Sounds Hip Hop Electro 15 (1986)

Mastermind on the mix.


A1 Duke Bootee - Broadway
A2 Skinny Boys - Awesome
A3 Kurtis Blow - The Bronx
A4 Boogie Down Productions - South Bronx
B1 Just-Ice - Cold Gettin' Dumb
B2 Faze One - Layin' Down A Beat (Censored Version)
B3 The Move - Greedy Girls (Extended Version)
B4 Captain Rock - Bongo Beat
B5 Faze One - Stronger Than Strong (Remix)

"I'll only use this type of style when I choose it"

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