Tuesday, 8 June 2010

BBC 6 Music Street Sounds Special

Especially of interest to the European b-boys and possibly the more open-eared US counterparts is news that Street Sounds' mogul Morgan Khan will be taking part in a special 2-hour special on the radio.

Yes, on 20th June tune into BBC Radio 6 Music at 8pm and we'll hear the man elaborate on a few stories from the once-great British record label from the 80's.
Maybe we'll hear tales of how he watched in awe of the legendary Mastermind in a blur around his precious GLI as he mixed Electro 9? Or maybe how he guffawed to himself as he coined the immortal 'Electro is aural sex' tagline?

However, I feel my 'Hat Of Scorn' calling to be placed atop my noggin whilst listening in.
Well, for a start it's being hosted by Dave Pearce.
A lot of you reading this will already be feeling a sharp jab in your sides at the mere mention of his name which is a shame as this man was responsible for a lot of people getting into hip hop in the late 1980's via his A Fresh Start To The Week show on Radio London.
Unfortunately he dropped hip hop faster than a fat man discovering that he's inadvertently picked up a salad stuffed-crust pizza before it's descent.
Dave employed the prefix 'Dangerous' and jumped on the Techno bandwagon, not forgetting to add 'Eating Pies' to his list of hobbies on his CV along the way whereby playing as much rap in his sets as Steve Wright currently does in the afternoons.

Another reason I have my doubts is that a few years ago there was a much pant-wettingly, anticipated special on BBC's 'yoof' (that's the first time I've ever spelled it like that. Does that mean I'm officially an old git?) station BBC 1Xtra which featured the Grand Daddy of Electro and Hip Hop on UK radio, Mike Allen.
It ended up being a rather tame affair in which nothing new was learned about the man. And he didn't even spin the tunes himself. He'd sold his collection. And the choice of music was mediocre to say the least - no obscure classics that we remembered from days of yore. More like Our Price Presents Some Right Hip Hop Stonkers and presented by Timmy Mallet.

But I can't help thinking like this. Hip Hop has hurt me in the past and my defences are already up ready to shield me to the upcoming knowledge that maybe Morgan Khan wasn't always the smiliest and nicest man in Electro after all I'd read in The Street Scene back in my bedroom in 1985.
Fingers crossed, eh?


BBC Radio 6


Lovegrove said...

Sorry... I drifted off after I read 'Dave Pearce'.

Waxonwaxoff said...

Another fine post Mr Repo, mirroring my thoughts pretty much exactly. Euphoric Trance & Aunt Bessy's loving Mr Pearce gets the big time gas face seriously. It will be like watching Dr Who from behind the settee, you're scared, but you can't stop yourself.

Dave Pearce... Jesus Wept!

ramses said...

You put on your hat of scorn and I'll put on my cotton-rich gloves of trepidation. Why Dave Pearce? Why not ANYBODY ELSE IN THE WORLD? It's still possible that this show might be fantastic, but the odds are stacked against it. Thanks for the heads-up though, I'll certainly give it a listen.

zoe baker said...

I remember Mike Allen's show on LBC too. Mike Allen had a v sexy voice . I'm a (aging) B girl obviously! Can't believe he's sold his collection. He interviewed Jazzy Jeff once asking about the breaks on Touch Of jazz and Allen was knowledgable . I thort he was more of a jazz head.

Yeah always thort Dave Pearce sold out big time. He never sounded emotional or convicted when he first played incredible tunes like EPMD's Its my Thing or Strong Island . They had an electro mix on Nite FM too every week which always had the same Captain Rock tune in it. I was like doesn't this wack dj have another tune to play?! He just sounded like he was announcing a Kylie record or something . He's probably still like that when announcing his house shit. A giant hard off.

I know there were pirates that played cool tunes in 86 87 88 but i couldn't but they were crackly .. cause i lived in kingston .

never mind . good article.

I actually still have a 'Street sounds electro is really down by law firin def' T shirt that i sent off for with my pocket money from that Streetscene 2 page mag in 87.

It has been eaten by moths a bit but I'm starting to wear it again cause it looks 80s cool again . Somehow cooler than first time around. Because the design is a little naff. The street sounds logo stands out though .

Ben said...

Thanks, Zoe.

Mike had a unique voice, no doubt about that and I can see the way he would command instant female adoration with his lush, soothing vocals.
Westwood just can't hold a flame to Mike's cool tones.
And you're right about Dave Pearce. You never felt that he believed what he was saying about those incredible tunes he would drop. Very much a typical 'presenting' voice and without any character.
Yeah, rock that old school Street Sound tee. As they say, what goes around, comes around!

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