Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Hush Hip Hop Tour Flicks


All pictures are the property of J Glover. Please do not reproduce without permission.

Hush Hip Hop Tours are based in New York City and take the form of a busride through the city stopping at famous landmarks along the way with luminaries such as GrandMaster Caz from The Cold Crush Brothers, Kurtis Blow, Rahiem of The Furious Five or even Reggie Reg from The Crash Crew stepping onboard.

One ABU! member, Jim, has had the lucky fortune of going on one of the tours and has very kindly sent in all of these fantastic shots. In his own words this is his description of each picture.

1, 2 & 3 - The Bronx Walk Of Fame

4 - A b-boy demonstrating one of the elements on the hip hop tour.

5 - Grandmaster Caz with his reply to 'Rapper's Delight'. He was left out of a bigger place in history by his then manager who stole his rhymes in a audition for the Sugarhill Gang, so he'd written a slightly scathing attack on the track, describing what happened.

6 - Caz demonstrating the look and attitude.

7 - This was once Harlem World, in Harlem, where people came from all over the 5 Boroughs in the late 70's to check out what was going down in the Bronx.

8 & 9 - It looks very different now, now that most of it has been demolished, but this is the amphitheatre used in Wild Style.  Shame really, but at least some of it remains.

10 - Random photo of a gateway to the Bronx.

11 - Kool Herc DJ'd his first party here in 1973. There were so many people trying to get in that it eventually moved outside and became the first block party.

12 - Two members of the Disco Four who were just walking along the street as we passed them by. The girl that runs the tour gave them each a t-shirt of the tour.

13 - Caz outside the Graffiti Hall Of Fame, East Harlem. It was closed for a while when we got there (June 2008) when these photos were taken.

14 - Caz and his helpful tour guide assistant show us how to get ''..power from a street light, made the place dark'' - I love that track DJ Scott La Rock, Blastmaster KRS. One & D-Nice - 'South Bronx'.

Thanks so much to Jim for this. I don't know know about you but this has made me feel just a bit closer to our heritage and has now fueled my desire to eventually reach the birthplace of hip hop at least before I'm 50 (I'm giving myself plenty of scope here, y'understand!)

Edit: Looking at the shots of the ampitheatre - it seems to have shrunk since 1982! Look at the pictures of the Wild Style jam with all the artists on stage and audience watching and it seemed massive. The awe I felt when LEE climbed over the main arch seems to have dampened a little as I see that it wasn't that high up after all.


Hush Hip Hop Tours

Me after seeing the Ampitheatre shots


Earwax said...

That is so great, Jim maximum props for the pics and again a fantastic post from Benzini... so great to see the amphitheatre, spooky you were only talking about this last week on the google maps thing... great post about the holy land of Hip Hop... my morning prayers are always done with my prayer mat facing the BX y'all!!!!

Jiglo said...

Caz said there wasn't much left of the amphitheatre, unfortunately. It leaves you with no doubt when you do find it though.

1520 Sedgwick Avenue was also supposed to be under threat, although I heard on the Hush Tour that they were fighting to preserve it due to it's historical importance.

Here's hoping.

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