Monday, 21 June 2010

Style Wars The Original Soundtrack - Mk II

I've rebooted my original version of the Style Wars Soundtrack which I made just over a year ago.
This version includes extra dialogue (as indeed, inspired from a thought by Mr Lovegrove), a remix of the intro piece as well as a brand spanking new cover (courtesy of P. Shop).
Respect to Waxer for reminding me about this, too.

Download freely as this is a must for all ageing b-boys and b-girls.

EDIT: This has since been updated again (V.3) which is found here.

01  I'm Not An Art Critic   0:35   Bernie Jacobs

02  The Death Of Arthur (Götterdämmerung) (Style Wars Version)  6:36   Trevor Jones

03  They Call Themselves Writers  0:45

04  8th Wonder   7:25   Sugar Hill Gang

05  Seen's 6-Month Vacation   0:47 

06  The Wanderer   2:49   Dion & The Belmonts

07  Skeme Does Doodle On The Paper   0:36   Skeme

08  Jam Hot   7:20   Johnny Dynell

09  Iz The Wiz Has An Orgasm   0:26 

10  Pump Me Up   6:39   Trouble Funk

11  Kase2 - Extra Telest   0:45 

12  The Message   7:13   Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five

13  Trap's Gonna Be The Next Picasso   0:29 Dez & Trap

14  Beat Bop   10:11 Rammelzee Vs. K Rob

15  Skeme's Out To Destroy All Lines   0:39   Skeme

16  Sing, Sing   7:20   Gaz

17  I Call That Fairy-Flying   0:42   Rock Steady Crew

18  Give It Up or Turnit a Loose   6:12   James Brown

19  Live Third Rails & Crazy Cops   0:30   Dondi

20  Rockin It   6:39   Fearless Four

21  Writer's Bench   0:53   We Are All Graffiti Writers

22  Rocket In The Pocket 3:30   Cerrone

23  I'd Kill You Maaan   0:37   Crazy Lady

24  Feel The Heartbeat   5:35   Treacherous Three

25  Iz's Prophecy   0:19   Iz The Wiz

Ahh, I like that!


elmattic said...

Big ups for this, Ben.

Jaz said...

Dopeness, thanks Ben and remember to put it up in you know where :)

Lovegrove said...

Ha ha, how bizarre that I posted that... I remember doing it but forgot what site it was... things come full circle mate. DL'ing this now!

Jiglo said...

Nice one Ben. One for the likes of Def Cut to sample.

Bigfatfunkonought said...

Thanx for putting up again!

Ruse One said...

Thanks for this :)

Been annoying Mrs Ruse with it over and over again... she will like Style Wars......

Anonymous said...

Now I'd buy that for way more than a dollar, top work old boy, and top concept... Good to see yer still at these obscurities, much appreciated


chris zero said...

Finally got round to listening to this today (sorry!), suns shining, had a couple of pints at lunch, back at the desk at work, headphones on totally loving this...thanks repo, you should see my head noddin!!!

Ben said...

Glad ya liked it. I've got more ideas in a similar vein.

kuma said...

Great, great post. Only saw the movie for the first time yesterday and I loved everything about it, esp. the music. Cracked up at the old lady "kill you maaan" bit, she was so proud of her impression!


Ben said...

It's a classic, Kuma, no doubt. You'll find yourself quoting lines when you've seen it a few times!

mike roman said...

Respect my man! Classic! Cheers for the hard work ;)

mike roman said...


Anonymous said...

you missed off James Browns - Get Up Get Into it Get Involved?

Repo said...

Hmmmm. Was it on there? Don't recall. Maybe.... at the United Skates Of America battle scene, perhaps?
Need to watch SW again, methinks.
Any excuse ;0)

Anonymous said...

it was on the end credits with beat bop. check it.

Repo said...

I checked the end but it's just KASE talking to camera which fades into the end credits and Beat Bop.

Anonymous said...

after beat bop during the credits the track changes, it was definitely on the tv version, i'll check it tonight.

Anonymous said...

In the immortal words of Fab 5 Freddy "Scooby Doo!".
The JB track is not on my original 2 disc DVD version but was on the credits after Beat Bop when it was originally aired on Channel 4. Never knew that! I wonder why?

Monsieur Thé said...

Wouhaou ! Merci ! Many thanks ! I discover your blogspot but I feel at ease with the concept : Ageing B-Boys Unit(ing). Peace

Mr Thé

Repo said...

Thanks for dropping by, Mr Thé.


Scooter said...

Hi there,

Any chance of a re-up please...

...or is there a Mk. III floating around somewhere?

Cheers man B-)

Boldski said...

A re-up on the II would be much appreciated!


Repo said...

V.3 is available

Boldski said...

MUCH appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Just one song is missing of Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five - It's Nasty. This song was playing on the back ground at 0:25:48

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