Tuesday, 25 January 2011

ABU! Disco Scratch Radio Takeover Show

Look at me being all colonial this year. Still in the first month and I've gone guns blazing into two radio stations twisting metaphorical arms up people's backs and taking over the airwaves.

The second one is this Thursday on Sensei FM at 9pm which as you will know is Waxer's Disco Scratch radio show.
From this Thursday and every subsequent last Thursday of the month you will hear my golden vocals wafting over the internets on the reg-reg. Whether that's a good thing or not remains to be seen. Or rather heard.

There's some real stonkers in this month's show and I can guarantee that there'll be something for everything including some Ice T, Run DMC, some UK stuff and a blinding, little-heard James Brown break which will simply make you do a little dance in your living room.

All this and the usual shizzle makes for a couple of hours of b-boy ecstasy.

Lock in at 9pm this Thursday to www.sensei.fm and don't forget to jump into the chatroom.

The show will be available for download shortly after but try to get the first hit on Thursday if you can.


martinlfinch said...

Really looking forward to this show Ben, no doubt they`ll be plenty of hunour thrown in as well ;o)

Oh & your `golden vocals` make my wife go weak at the knees, eithr that or she`s got arthritis lol.

Ben said...

It's those female-only frequencies that I subliminally insert especially for the laydeez. Haha, the embodiment of Mike Allen and Barry White with a hint of Alan Partridge.
Invading yer ear canals on a web browser near you.

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