Sunday, 16 January 2011

Disco Scratch Radio 2011 & 3 The Hard Way Video Promo

So it's a new year and as we make our softly-softly approach through the initial month we are blessed with a quite literally stunning piece of audio wizardry from the Disco Scratcher himself, Waxer.
Watch the promo video below and witness the visuals taken from the 3 The Hard Way Christmas Jam with the dett new Disco Scratch Radio Show intro. I defy you not to get pumped up.
The Surgeon General of Chilltown, New York has determined that the sounds you're about to hear can be devastating to your ear.

He has also done a re-haul of his regular Thursday night Disco Scratch Show on Sensei FM - I'm sure you all catch that, right? - and it

Each week of the month will consist of one of the following in this order:

Waxer in the chair and on the wheels of steel spinning some new cuts and lots of classic and lost joints.

Special Guest Star Interview - ranging from top players in the game down to us fans of the scene.

Special Guest Takeover Show - Anyone can step up and stream a show or podcast during this particular week.

Ageing B-Boys Unite! Takeover Show - ABU! takes control on the last week of the month. Yes, yes, we are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical.

This Thursday just gone was an interview with King Of The Beats honcho and all-round shaker and mover, Pritt Kalsi. The re-up should be available soon on DS to anyone who missed it or wants to listen again.
This week sees a tasty session from Big Jim who has an almost scary collection of vinyl featuring everything you've been digging for for years.
The week after is the inaugural ABU! show. If you're a regular listener to the ABU! podcasts then you know what to expect - but this time we done gone double-time, yo. Two hours of old school goodies and funky freshness wrapped up lovingly with care by the Repo master.
This means the regular podcasts will be played live over the air first but you'll still be able to download the show later.

As you can see, things are changing for the better.

3 The Hard Way: Working Together To Keep The Old School Alive


Ms. Code said...

Checked out the video/picture slides. Nice sound build-up I could feel the energy!

jim c said...

repo taking over this hip hop shizzle like neo in the matrix

Ben said...

Hells yeah. And to quote Neo, "Woah!".

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