Monday, 3 January 2011

ABU! Takeover Radio Show NEW DATE

Ironically, due to a power failure at the radio station on Sunday, the Ageing B-Boys Unite! / Sonicity Takeover Show didn't go out.

However Power FM will - hopefully, as it's not on the air as I type this - put me on at the same time the following Sunday.

So make ANOTHER date in your diaries or your flashy, shiny, silver thing all you cool kids.

SUNDAY  -  9TH  JANUARY  -  2011  -  4.30PM GMT


danial said...

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Ben said...

You, sir, are a freak. Do not darken my website with your adolescent freakiness again. You are neither ageing or indeed, a b-boy.
Have a nice day :-)

WARZ said...

I had to check out young Danial's blog out of morbid curiousity, and your character observations are indeed correct, the lad IS a freak!!!
He has potential serial killer written all over his pubescent face.

Still, keep the good work, Peace!!!

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