Thursday, 3 February 2011

High Street Hip Hop

I feel compelled to post this.

LG aka Style Warrior head-honcho put up a rather brilliant question masquerading as a status on his Facebook page recently.

Read the entries so far and add to them in the comments as you please. I know this sort of thing is right up the Fat Lace Mag crew's street so get in quick before they're all over it like white on rice.

N.b. You've only got until this Sunday (6th Feb) to pre-order the limited edition Hijack tee from Style Warrior for £20 (inc. p&p).


ramses3rd said...

Magic! Almost makes me want to join Facebook. Lidl Bow Wow is a work of genius.

Andrew said...

Keith Thorntons
Sainsbury Crew
Othorized Oxfam
Lunn Polyrhythm Addicts
Missy Elliott Selfridges
Majestic Control Productions Wine
Harrodney P
Whitey Halfords

Ben said...

And there we have it. Drew Huge has peeped the latest post and done whittled off a bundle of entries whilst his eyes were waiting to do another blink.

Fat Lace Magazine. Takin Out You Suckas and You Don't Know How They Did It.

jim c said...

b(d)p filling stations
lloyds banks tsb
mark morrisons
bootys collins rubber band
topman parrish
main source(norwich trainer shop)
william hill top hustlers
first down choice
rza the abbotts estate agents
qd 3

Ben said...

"main source(norwich trainer shop)"

hahahaha! One for the locals!

I've never been inside the shop as I just KNOW that I'd leave with enough footwear to make my credit weep.

jim said...

just a few more
elizabeth mc duke
john lews tunes
cj macknitosh's canteen
and my favourite
del the funky homebase sapien!

Waxer said...

Keith Thornton's... I take myhat off to this!!!

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