Monday, 14 February 2011

Official Ageing B-Boys Unite! T-Shirts - Coming Soon

Some of you may remember that at the Christmas 3 The Hard Way Jam I rocked up wearing a special ABU! shirt.
This was a unique one-off that I had printed especially for the occasion. Since then I've had a bit of interest in them and am now getting the wheels rolling on getting some more done in an official capacity.

For now I just want to see how many people are interested so if you are then leave a comment or send a mail to be at ageingbboysuniteATyahooDOTcom. And state which size you're interested in.

Remember this isn't a binding contract or anything! I'm just gauging interest.


Count Waxula said...

"Why don't you sell me a t shirt?"

"Please sell me a T shirt too..."

"You know, I think I'll sell you an Ageing B Boys T Shirt"

"Sell one to ME!"

"I wanna buy too!"

"I made this fresh designed logo in East Anglia, a loooong time ago, see... and now I'm lucky enough to be here selling it to you"

"Yeah, but when will I get minze yo?"

"Yeah, when will I get mine??"

"Well, you'll get it when you pay me, that's how these things work in Norwich, now if you'll excuse me I'm rather busy with this "work" I'm doing from home salivating over the original 1977 Star Wars figues catalogue and other such matters"

2 please, 1 XL and one for junior, a Medium...

Anonymous said...

Yes please! Middle aged XL for me

Tony Prince said...

Maybe a bit young for most of you but if you have kids, these are the YOUNGER B-BOY selection!!!:

It's alright living in the past, it's very cozy there, but today's scene is as exciting as it has ever been and this generation, who have stood on the shoulders of giants, are becoming bigger than the giants!!!!
From March 3rd, you can watch the world in a spin right from your computer or iPad!

Royal Ruler

Anonymous said...

Ben I will cop one coz I support what you are doing but in all honesty I'm not a big fan of shirts with blatant promotion of a url... IMHO I would prefer something like "I am an ageing B-Boy" in the same style as your logo and then have a smaller ABU logo as a sign-off... size Medium!

Ben said...

I get your point point, LG. When I get round to doing the next batch the design won't be so in-your-face.
I just wanted to do this one as it is a recognizable logo. You're lucky I reluctantly decided to drop the proposed back print text of "Visit the Blog, Dick-Nose" ;-).

Anonymous said...

LOL... subtle, I like it.

jim said...

i deffo love one of these (size l or xlarge some times i just feel sooo bloated!! lol)
gutted about the no back print but i guess not everybody likes a dick on their back!!!
ps waxer, up the city(norwich) we only trade in saw dust and pine cones, proper intergalactic b boys!

Ruse One said...

I will have one.. :)

ramses3rd said...

Personally I always liked the Bob Ross logo but I'd certainly buy one of the above. XL please!

Ben said...

BLAAAAAMM!! Oh yes, the original version!
I'm certainly feeling that, Mark. I might have to resurface old Bob for 2011.
My Photoshop skills have improved slightly since he was on the scene so I might see what I can do.

Thanks for reminding me!

Statkmatik said...

Great site Ben! If you have the time come and check out Statikmatik specializing in 80's/90's Hiphop + Samples.



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