Monday, 18 April 2011

Silver Bullet / MC Mell‘O’ Re-Releases On Original Dope

I had the pleasure of receiving some classic UK rap albums from Original Dope recently.

First off is an album held in high acclaim up there in the heights of Horns Of Jericho and Gangster Chronicle.
MC Mell'O' is one of those MC's who always seemed to fly just below the radar. He should've been as big as Rakim when he was at his peak but somehow he just plodded on gaining respect on the underground.

Regardless, Original Dope have done their magic on his legendary Thoughts Released (Revelation 1) album and have expanded it to include tracks off the Comin' Correct 12" that you've all been fiending for as well.
Also included in the CD release is a booklet trailing the early years and successes of a young Mell'O' as he garnered his skills at London's Covent Garden at the burgeoning hip hop boom of the 1980's.

You know what you're getting here so I don't need to teach Grandma how to suck eggs.
Have a look at this new tracklist.

1 Our Time
2 A Total Eclipse Of The Art
3 Let The Crowd Catch Breath
4 Voodoo Khan
5 All Terrain M.C.s
6 Open Up Your Mind
7 Subtraction
8 Acknowledge Yourself
9 From The Heart
10 Comin' Correct
11 Wise
12 Bizzie Rhymin'
13 Slipt On Some Doo Doo
14 I'm Coming Up
15 Words Spoken 

So after you've put away your tongues, get out your plastic because you'll want to purchase this asap.

Next up is Silver Bullet and his album from 1991, Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns.
Mention his name and you will mostly think of hardcore, nutter rhymes that spawned the 'Britcore' label that early 90's frenetic UK rap epitomised. 
He brought out just one album and then seemingly disappeared from the scene. He was still there working away but his style was moving in a more ragga, drum & bass style.
He eventually relaunched himself in 1998 as 'Silvah Bullet' releasing 3 more singles up til the present day.

There are 4 extra tracks on this newly-remastered edition and the final tracklisting goes like this:

1 20 Seconds To Comply 6:41
2 Raw Deal 3:03
3 Attitude Academy 6:03
4 Undercover Anarchist 4:32
5 Ruff Karnage 6:23
6 Bring Forth The Guillotine 5:17
7 Guns Of Mind Alone 6:36
8 Legions Of The Damned 5:53
9 He Spins Around 2:26
10 Bring Down The Walls... No Limit Squad Returns 6:39
11 20 Seconds To Comply (The Bomb Squad Mix) 4:51
12 Undercover Anarchist (Bomb Squad Mix) 4:35
13 Ruff Karnage (The Bullet Mix) 6:45
14 Never Authorise Apocalypse 5:10

Sleek design on this OD release
This remastered, expanded version includes super rare cut Never Authorise Apocalypse (only previously available as a b-side to Ruff Karnage) and remixes from New York's Bomb Squad.

Both these albums have been released THIS WEEK from Original Dope. Go to the site and you can buy them now.

*Special Offer* 
Buy all five Original Dope CDs and get a free T-shirt for just £37Check the website for details 

The current Original Dope discography:

Silver Bullet : Bring Down The Walls No Limit Squad Returns : ODOPE1005
MC Mell‘O’ : Thoughts Released (Revelation 1) : ODOPE1004
MC Duke : Organised Rhyme : ODOPE1003
Blade : The Lion Goes From Strength To Strength (No Compromise) : ODOPE1002D
Ruthless Rap Assassins : Killer Album : ODOPE1001

Big shout to Andy @OD for supplying ABU! with the music.

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