Monday, 11 April 2011

The Underground is Striking Back!

My man SCENES - previously of great blog TUSB - is still busy creating and devastating with some supreme mixes.
You may have caught his previous 60-minute mixes on the site before - there are 21 of them - and so we at ABU! are proud to bestow upon you the latest and greatest for ya lugs.

And remember, Scenes "aims to dig out the good, and sift out the weak shit... so you don't have to".

Here is the tracklisting for this editions goodie bag of beats:

01.   Don't Need - Wax and EOM
02.   Senseless Senses - First Name Basis
03.   Bag Of Money - Action Bronson
04.   Kill Em With The Beat- Elemental Zazen
05.   Roaches - Slept On Fam
06.   Vocal Scalpel - J-Love
07.   Elements - Guest House
08.   Here Comes The Pusher - DJ Format
09.   The Madness - Action Bronson
10.   6 Feet Deep - Bannon
11.   What Would I Do? - Beneficence
12.   Let It Flow - Thaimex
13.   The Sound- Stylee Cee
14.   With My Real People - Beneficence
15.   Puzzle Ring - Guest House
16.   Just Leave Em Be - Sir Beans OBE
17.   Shiraz - Action Bronson
18.   Funly Hit Instrumental- EOM

Download Volume 22 here.

And there's more good news from the King Zilla who I'll let take the mic for this brief announcement himself.
"Some other good news is that a new blog which will be the successor to Underground Strikes Back will be called USB 2.0, and will be up and running soon.
It will be a mix of my 2 older blogs with downloads and photos from my net travels.
I am also exploring options of a Sunday morning radio show and I'm currently looking for a host

So there it is, folks.  And any mixtape maestro that claims to love your bingo wings cannot be bad, can he?! And those Mike Allen-alike scratches are the icing on the bun.

My personal pick here is the Thaimex track. The Stylee C cut straight after is very nice, too with some classic breaks beefing up the place.

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