Thursday, 14 April 2011

Style Warrior - Delete The Weak

LG @ Style Warrior has been busy on the design tip as of late and has created some really nice designs that may become future t-shirts.

First up is a frankly iconic design for UK legends Hardnoise.
He has taken the same font from their 'Untitled' 12" release and subtly adapted it into a brilliantly effective piece incorporating the group members and a nice song quote.

Sometimes all you need is just words. Especially with a group like Hardnoise because their words spoke for themselves and secondly because they were very much camera-shy!

Next up is a couple of drafts that LG did a while ago based on two of hip hop's most iconic films.

As you can see, these are beautifully thought-out and just such simple designs. I personally love the subtlety employed which makes them so much stronger.

As ever, check out Style Warrior for more info and news about any upcoming projects.
2011 is definitely a good year so far!


The Hardnoise tee has been slightly amended now with the song quote taken off.
Click on the images below to go straight to the order page.


ramses3rd said...

Love the Beat Street & Breakdance T-shirts. I'd buy the Beat Street one like that (clicks fingers to suggest speed)

Ben said...

Yes. The Beat Street one is great, isn't it? Subtle but absolutely on point.

Anonymous said...

Thanks guys, actually the Beat Street and Breakdance designs were intended as poster designs, not for T-Shirts, but I guess they could work too... maybe I'll see who's interested and if I get enough requests I'll do them!

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