Friday, 30 September 2011

ABU! Disco Scratch Takeover Show - September 2011

.....And here it is. September's (show #12) 2-hour bonanza of beautiful, bountiful, body-rocking, booming beats as heard last night on Disco Scratch Radio

Today kids, our topic is....
The chatroom was pure filth ('W*nk Wipes'!) as per normal and LG's eternal 'Are You Being Served' quotes went above and beyond the call of duty!

Download available via many servers because ABU feels your concern, yo.


Tracklist is in the 'Comments'.


Lord Summerisle said...

01 Super Lover Cee & Casanova Rud - I'm Back
02 Rakim - Guess Who's Back
03 The 3 Knights/ Standing Ovation - Burial Proceedings In The Coarse Of The 3 Knights
04 Ultimate III - Ultimate III Live
05 3D - Giddy Up
06 MC Miker G & DJ Sven - Whimsical Touch (B-side to 'Holiday Rap')
07 The D.O.C. & Dr Dre - D.O.C. & The Doctor
08 The Jungle Brothers - Tribe Vibes
09 Run DMC - Back From Hell (Remix)
10 Rap Is Crap
11 Spyder D - I Just Can't Wait
12 3rd Bass - The Gas Face (Revisited) (from the Remix Album)
13 Monkey Theme
14 Musical Youth - Pass The Dutchie
15 Information Society - Running (Instrumental)
16 Kraftwerk - The Man Machine (from 1978!)
17 Funk Trunk - Johnny Pate - Shaft In Africa
18 Cookie Crew - Born This Way
19 Eminem - Who Knew
20 Jean Grae ft. DJ Boogie Blind - You Don't Like It
21 Al Murray The Pub Landlord
22 PE - Welcome To The Terrordome
23 Professor Griff - Pawns In The Game
24 K-Def ft LL Cool J - Year Of The Hip Hop
25 K-Solo - Real Solo - Please Stand Up
26 Hijack - Airwave Hijack
27 Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - Super Rappin' No 1
28 Slick Rick - Children's Story
29 Bomb The Bass - Winter In July
30 2 Live Crew - Do Wah Diddy

ramses said...

Great show Ben. Obviously questions need to be asked about the Miker G and DJ Sven 12" but we'll save that for another time. Always nice to hear a bit of Kraftwerk, Man Machine is a great track (and album) sounds incredibly fresh for a track that's 33 years old! Really enjoyed the Jean Grae track, it's not every MC that gives a nod to Federico Fellini! Great choices from Rakim, Slick Rick & Spyder D, loved the adverts too, particularly the BBC 1 monday night line-up. I rediscovered the Monkey theme a couple of years ago, delighted to find how frickin' funky is was, love those chord changes! Look forward to the halloween show, might I suggest a few tracks, how about Looking For The Perfect Beast? B-Boys BeWerewolf? Or maybe Just Give The DJ A Stake? No? Ghost To Ghost? Hello? Is this mic working?

Lord Summerisle said...

Thanks Mark. I seem to have lost transmission during the last part of your message and didn't catch the end....probably a good thing for all, eh...;-)
Seriously though, nice titles, if only.
The inclusion of Whimsical Touch was a strange one, I'll give you that. In my defence I'll say that I happened to be listening to it not so long ago after a break of many, many years and it was probably the nostalgic element more than anything that made me think it was worthy. I also thought there was a slight resemblance to Yello ('Oh Yeah' in particular).
Erm...Why am I holding this spade?

The BBC rundown was magic and I'll have a look out for more of those. The clip they played of Are You Being Served was done in an innocent tongue-in-cheek way I'll bet although nowadays that's be the first thing tv producers would search for.
However I did almost lose my lunch when I heard mention of Mrs Slocombe's 'pussy' ;-)

And Monkey? I've overlooked that tune for so long. It fares much better than the tv series which I've seen since I was a kid. Another one of those 'leave it in the past' memories, sadly.

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