Wednesday, 28 September 2011

ABU! Live On Air This Week #1

Back again after the Summer break. It's the return of The Ageing B-Boys Unite! Disco Scratch Takeover Show this Thursday 29th @9pm - 11pm, September 2011.

As you may know from the previous Disco Scratch show, this is the last regular one for a while, however ABU! will endeavour to be here at the end of the month (October) for a Hallowe'en Special.

Tune in on Thursday for some very tasty grooves, hip hop classics, legendary Electro tunes, b-boy breaks and a couple of selections that you won't expect to hear on any other show.
Get in the chatroom and join the banter. We welcome all newcomers.

Disco Scratch + ABU. Together Forever. Tougher Than Leather.

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flycasual said...

Nice blog! I've been looking for something like this myself as ageing B-boy and being new to all this blogging ting. I managed to find a tape from way back in 87' I used to play to death, from a radio show in London (can't remember which) DJ was Roger Johnson though I think. I don't have a tape deck anymore as I got rid but I remember it has Swee Tee's 'It's Like That Y'all' and Seeborn and Puma 'They Call Me Puma'....Dope!

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