Wednesday, 14 September 2011

They're Back! Disco Scratch Mugs! / DS Radio News

In case, like me, you missed out on the original batch of official Disco Scratch mugs earlier in the year then you better not sleep on this.
Back again in a limited quantity of 10, yes 10 only. And they may well be the last ones.

To paraphrase Mr Morgan Khan, is it going to be you that gets one - or some wally poser that moved faster?!?

Move your butts and get clicking to THIS LINK NOW.

And on a sad note, this may be the last month of regular Disco Scratch Radio shows.
Lord Waxer of Freshhiphopshire is taking the show on a hiatus due to real life commitments and won't be able to commit to a weekly spot for the forseeable future.
Therefore the final shows will be as follows:

15th Sept - Regular show - Waxer getting busy on the wheels of steel taking requests and schoolin' suckers.
22nd Sept - No show
29th Sept - ABU Takeover Show

As for the meantime I will still be continuing with the Takeover Shows although as I won't be actually taking over anything in particular then they will revert back to the ABU Monthly Podcasts.
I'm looking into maybe streaming the show live once a month then putting them up for download afterwards. Maybe. It'd be nice, but no promises.

1 comment:

Agent Finch said...

Does INCH come with the mug? If so, i`ll have 2 please :-)

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