Sunday, 2 October 2011

The ABU! Plastic Attack Show / Bonus Disco Scratch Show

Last Friday was a bit of an internet radio-fest to say the least.

From 9pm was DJ Laz-e's Plastic Attack show featuring yours truly and my own musical selections for an hour.
If you're not aware, there is the option to use the 'chat facility' on the Plastic Attack Facebook group page whilst this show transmits every Friday evening. Go to the page and select 'Chat To Group' - obviously you need to be a member of the group in order to do this.

Unfortunately time flew by and out of my 15 track choices only 10 got aired.

DJ Laz-e - Live on RTE Digital Radio
01  Steinski - Lesson 3 [History of Hip Hop]
02  Hassan & 7-11 - Cold Rock Stuff
03  BDP - T'Cha - T'Cha
04  Ice T - Reckless
05  Kid Frost - Terminator
06  Davy DMX - The Dmx Will Rock
07  Hijack - Intro, Phantom of the Opera
08  Gang Starr - Jazz Thing(Video Mix)
09  Mixmaster Gee And The Turntable Orchestra - Manipulator
10  Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince -  Rhythm Trax - House Party Style

It was an entertaining time; me holding a phone to my ear for an hour; Laz-e sweating profusely and hitting switches as he was performing a one-man show on Friday.

Waxer on Friday evening -
actor used to employ likeness.
Now during the latter part of the show, Mr Waxer showed up. He then decided to keep the party going by doing a very impromptu Disco Scratch bonus show live on the air not long after the Plastic Attack had finished.
It was a very special evening as anyone who was listening will attest. You can catch the show in it's entirety as I managed to record the whole show.
Drink was flowing and everything was played off 100% vinyl. Hopefully the atmosphere can be recreated by just adding a spirit of your choice to your favourite glass as you press 'play'.

Download - The Plastic Attack Show - Live with ABU!

Download - Waxer's Disco Scratch Bonus Show Live!


chris zero said...

Looks like there is a problem with the plastic attack show link, its just pointing to blogger for me. I was hoping that you recorded that one too!

Lord Summerisle said...

Link fixed - thanks Chris!

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