Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Show Download

A big thanks to everyone who tuned in live on Thursday to hear the show live. A big shout to those listening outside of the chatroom and an even bigger shout to the man who makes all this possible, Lord Waxer, he is the Master,  the big beat-blaster, the Hob-Nob dunkin', scratchin' to the funkin', homeslice. If you could see the behind-the-scenes shizzle that goes on to bring you the noize each month you wouldn't then even believe it.
The show was being transmitted from a lonely BT exchange in deepest, darkest Kent on a cold, dark night with only the ghost of Norman (one year this month RIP) for company. Old Norm was quite well-behaved bearing in mind that he could've easily gone all out on the trick or treat biznizz. However he only decided to mess with the Disco Scratch Player which was easily combated ('press pause, then play again').

Lots of new people in the chat including a legendary and pioneering ex-writer from Guildford, BANZAI (SSB).

Lots of Halloween, spooky tracks with eerie tv themes from the 1970's - they were a great time for kids shows, weren't they?
If you missed out or want to grab one for your collection, the mp3 is available for download now.

Tracklisting in the Comments.


Lord Summerisle said...

01 Whodini - The Haunted House Of Rock
02 Silver Bullet - Bring Forth The Guillotine
03 Hijack - Don't Go With Strangers
04 Charley Says Don't Go With Strangers
05 Paris - The Devil Made Me Do It
06 Lovebug Starski - Amityville (The House On The Hill)
07 Hammer House Of Horror Theme
08 Big L - Devil's Son
09 UTFO - Split Personality
10 Tales Of The Unexpected
11 Eminem - Stan
12 DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince - A Nightmare On My Street
13 Armchair Thriller
14 DJ Shadow - Organ Donor
15 Immortal Technique - Dance with the Devil
16 Judderman
17 Run DMC - Raising Hell
18 The Excorcist
19 Whodini - Freaks Come Out At Night
20 True Mathematics - After Dark
21 Lonely Water
22 Gravediggaz - 1-800 Suicide
23 The Devils - The X-Sorcist
24 Picture Box
25 Fat Boys - Are you ready for Freddy
26 The Specials - Ghost Town
26 Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me
27 Run DMC - Ghostbusters
28 Ice T - The Tower
29 Rentaghost
30 Geto Boys - My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me
31 LL Cool J - Crossroads
32 Public Enemy - Night Of The Living Baseheads

WaxTheBloodSucker said...

You truly ROCKED SHIT ON with this one man, I was boppin' my melon to those grooves proper, but the chatroom was a dope augmentation of the music, seriously, I really feel like I'm part of something in these magical 2 hour shows, especially when the chatroom is sooo busy...

Props as always and hope to link soon!

Lord Summerisle said...

To my mellow fellow, the one who eats Jell-O....reeespect to you sir, as always.
Yep, live like Memorex is where it's at with Disco Scratch Radio on a Thursday night. Hoping and praying you'll be in like Flynn in 2 weeks time to bring us our normally scheduled programming!

ramses said...

Spooktacular show Ben, some fabulous tunes played. I wasn't sure whether to applaud Hijack for tackling the thorny subject of paedophilia or to piss myself laughing, in the end I opted for a bit of both. Wicked track!

Enjoyed the TV themes, haven't heard picture box for years, and if nothing else the Rentaghost theme proves my theory that ALL drums in the 70s were funky.

Loved the public information skits, that Donald Pleasance pond-grimreaper thing used to scare me senseless as a kid.

This month's "I really should have heard that before" award goes to the wonderful My Mind's Playing Tricks On Me, speacial mention also to Dance With The Devil, excellent tune.

Sounds like we both own a copy of the BBC's Sounds of Death and Horror LP too!

Too much good stuff about this show to mention, suffice to say you rocked the house of horror.

P.S. Richard Pryor sounds SPOOKY when mixed with Tubular Bells!

Lord Summerisle said...

Hey Mark!
I just knew this one would be up your street. As I was putting the intro together I was wondering if I could maybe throw you with any of the samples given your relishment of the genre.
The Picture Box theme I found a while back which was bang in the middle of some retro adverts on a YouTube video. Completely caught me off-guard but the music immediately brought memories back from years ago.
You hit the nail on the head - 70's kids tv themes were total funkfests, weren't they?! You can imagine the session players laying down the grooves (being frustrated JB's wannabes) in the studio. Check Rainbow for some nice drums. BTW have you ever heard the full-length version of that? Bizarre breakdown in the middle, totally leftfield. Hmmmm, might have to do a 70's kids tv themes special one day....

The BBC Horror sound effects record is one I hold dear to my heart despite it scaring the bejesus out of me when I used to see it in the record shop window when my mum would drag me round the shops of Balham as an 8-year old. And it still does even now.
I've not seen the others on vinyl but I have Vols 2 & 3 on mp3.

I'm pleased you enjoyed it, Mark, and even more glad that you posted your comment on today of all days (!)
Right I'm off to watch Halloween 3 Season Of The Witch followed by Paranormal Activity 2.....

ramses said...

Halloween 3? I like the cut of your jib young man, a very underrated sequel. I had the misfortune of watching Halloween 6 the other night. It was not good.

P.S. Thanks for the heads-up on the Rainbow theme, I'll have to search that one out.

Anonymous said...

This is really quite good. The audio bits embedded in are quite clever. I'd love to get a listing of the origin of each bit. Especially the intro. Quite an effort to put that together.

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