Thursday, 6 October 2011

More Ideas From Style Warrior

Seems like LG is getting his mojo on recently with a great number of ideas straight outta the Style Warrior think-tank.

Groove Records, Mike Allen and a new Hijack design. And that's just this week!
Cop a load of these and if you would like to perhaps buy one in the not-to-distant future then please click on the links below which take you to a very short - and I mean very short - questionnaire. This is just a survey to gauge interest - it is not a commitment to buy.

What do you think? Pretty abso-bloody-lutely firing, would you agree?

Here are the links to the surveys.
Remember, if you don't vote for them,  then these designs may just continue the rest of their existence as jpegs* on a Mac. If you want to see them on a t-shirt then demand it, godammit!

Hijack Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

Mike Allen Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

Groove Records Questionnaire - CLICK HERE

* or PNG....or AI...... ;-)

1 comment:

Lovegrove said...

Thanks Ben... early votes look promising and the Groove records and Hijack designs will definitely be happening at some point in the future.

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