Friday, 25 November 2011

Disco Scratch ABU! Takeover DOWNLOAD - November 2011

In the house...
It was another roadblock in the Disco Scratch chatroom last night with some new faces joining the usual suspects which was really good to see.
The banter was as good as could be expected with everyone on their best behaviour as not to frighten any newbies away.
Or not.

Some particular 'highlights' of chat include.....

" i over heard my neighbour tell some one when she had her kid she split from her fanny to her arse... her words" (Jim_Cee)

"The popemobile is very environmentally friendly... it runs on the tears of abused alter boys" (Wax_At_The_DOV)

"all this intellectual conversation, bromance and general bumming" (InchHigh)

"it's all in Thora, I've got no more" (Jim_Cee)

"Yeah this MOvember thing, I only heard about it on Saturday... so I started to let my bollock hair grow if anyone's interested (normally I'm a shaver raver)" (Wax_At_The_DOV)

Two hours of smokin' hot tracks with Serial Killa and Black Nostaljack getting a particular favourable thumbs-up. And when the main show had ended, my man Waxer jumped on to give us more of what we need and slammed on some rarely-heard early productions and demos from the House of Wax.

Remember, it always pays to listen live for the extra bits at the end which are strictly NOT included on the download. You fassyholes.

Download the November Disco Scratch Takeover Show here


01  House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
02  Big Daddy Kane - Ain't No Half-Steppin' (Daily Diggers Re-Tweak)
03  Faze 1 - Layin Down A Beat
04  Doug E Fresh - Bonus Lesson #1
05  Ice Cube (feat Chuck D) - Endangered Species
06  Yellow Magic Orchestra - Computer Game / Firecracker
07  Just Ice - Turbo Charged
08  Kraftwerk - Tour De France (Radio Version)
09  Show biz & AG - Fat Pockets (Remix)
10  Macattack - Art Of Drums
11  MC Wildski - Warrior (Disco-Tek Mix)
12  Big Lady K - Don't Get Me Started
13  Monie Love - I Can Do This (Uptown Mix)
14  Main Source - Fakin The Funk
15  The Fassyhole Diss Track (For Inch)
16  Fred Wesley & The JB's - Blow Your Head
17  Kid Dynamite - Uphill Piece Of Mind
18  Steady B - Bring The Beat Back
19  Dr Dre - Deep Cover
20  Heavy D - You Can't See What I Can See (Dedicated to Stevie Wonder from Bisto)
21  Blondie - Rapture/Braaaapture! (copyright Waxer 2011)
22  OMD - Enola Gay

23  Aleem - Release Yourself
24  High Fidelity Three - B-Boys Breakdance (for RUSE)
25  Run-D.M.C. - Hit It Run
26  Camp Lo  - Black Nostaljack (Mix Tape Remix feat Run and Kid Capri)
27  Busy Bee Vs Kool Moe Dee
28  Snoop Dogg - Serial Killa (Feat. Tha Dogg Pound, RBX & D.O.C.)
29  Black, Rock & Ron - That's How I'm Livin' (for Agent Finch)
30  Dexter - Lautinus (for everyone down with Bob James)


Anonymous said...

What's a fassyhole ? : D

Got a feeling a few peeps will say a certain response-as i CANT listen live !!! : D

Homer Jay from UK

Lord Summerisle said...

It's a rather unsavoury term given to a female. Seems to be S*lver B*ll*t's word-of-the-month.

jim's neighbour said...

this place is becoming lemon central!,my perineum looked like it had been attacked by jaws!!but it does make a perineum pull much easier.nice musical selection for my generic mp3 player,thank you xxx

Lovegrove said...

Wicked stuff Ben, shame I couldn't listen live.

Funny I only recently heard that Kool Moe Dee battle rhyme over on Shell Toe Soul for the first time.

Sound Solution Mastering said...

Brilliant selection takes me way back, to my youth, been playing this round the studio tonight.

London Recording Studios

ramses said...

Another scintillating selection Ben, great to hear Firecracker, Busy Bee Vs KMD and (in particular) Uphill Peace of Mind, forgot quite how smashing that track is. Didn't recognise that version of Blow Your Head - was it part 2 or something? Nice tweaking on Art of Drums! Also REALLY enjoyed the Ain't No Half Stepping remix.

Obviously you should be congratulated for the way the show is put together, but bonus props should be given for your track selection which was, as always, magic!

Lord Fontworthy-Bligh The Second said...

Dear Mr.136

I do not take lightly these slanderous comments you state my client, Wax_At_The_DOV made in the above mentioned chatroom.

I have evidence to suggest he was in fact circling round in his drawing room, wearing paisley pyjamas topped with a silk cravate, nonchalantly dictating notes for a new book concerning the sexual nature of the relationship between Mr.Bronson & Danny Kendall, to his assistant Jenkins.

My client would like you to remove these, quite frankly, FILTHY comments from the post above, ensuring you never connect my client Wax_At_The_DOV with any Toilet related humour. This could be damaging to the shining example of professionalism he brings to the world of broadcasting.

I strongly urge you to remove these comments immediately, or Wax will send Jim round who will forcibly drown you in a certain well endowed young ladies impressive chest appendages. On second thought, actually please paste more of this muck in and force him to drown us all! HOORAY!

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