Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Jorun Bombay & Marley Marl - "The Symphony" (THE JORUN BOMBAY REMIX)

He's only gone and done it again.
Here's another Jorun Bombay remix this time using the acapella of The Symphony (where did he get that??!!) and taking it even further.
This bloke is seriously picking up Marley Marl's crown as far as I'm concerned.

Listen to this. Can I get a soul-braaap?

You need to hear more from Jorun.




And of course, PETER PIPER REMIX which is a stone-cold classic reworking.


Phizzal said...

Very nice, would be good if Jorun could make these downloadable (preferably in a lossless format)

Lord Summerisle said...

I asked him via Youtube and he said he'd let me know. Damn good remixes like this need to be shared.

Anonymous said...

Rumor has it that these remixes are going to be released on vinyl early next year. Lets hope so.

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