Monday, 7 November 2011

Graffiti Writers Wanted!

My man, LG is currently on the lookout for writers for an upcoming project.
I'll let him takeover...

"I used to publish a graffiti fanzine nearly 20 years ago called ‘Art of Servival’, and now I am planning to resurrect it.
I’m looking for graffiti writers young and old or even retired to contribute to this project. The difference with this fanzine is that it will be text only… no photo’s.
I want to hear any funny / interesting stories that you may have from your time as a writer. You can write as little or as much as you like, you really have a total free reign.
I’ve put the feelers out and have some positive feedback, with a promising list of writers keen to get involved… some you may never heard of, others you would definitely have.
You can read more details here, please get in touch if you want to get involved."

You know how dope his designs are already so expect the re-dux fanzine to be just as well-produced.
I , for one, would love to read about stories of writers' escapades from the train yards and crazy cops all from back in the days. So get in touch with him if you have a story or two.
LG is hoping to get the first issue done by the end of 2011and aiming to make it 52 pages, A5 and printed in Black and White photocopy format. Old school ;-)

And hopefully the 'zine will be a *little* bit cheaper than a certain other premium graff mag out there at the moment (cough, Gr*ph*tizm, cough).

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