Friday, 30 March 2012

March 2012 ABU! Takeover Show - DOWNLOAD

It was the ABU! Takeover show last night hosted exclusively on my man, Waxer's Disco Scratch Radio.
I hope you managed to get into the chatroom for some if not the whole shebang. There were a couple of new names, too so good to see that.
Remember I want your choices for the Album Spotlight. Send two cuts from an album that you love. Big shout to Hayhooooooooe for his MC Shan flavour this month - even though all Juice Crew talk is strictly prohibited at the moment.
Good looking out to Howard CRAZE for the UTFO request - really good to hear that again. I have an old mouldy Mango Pineapple Kiwi Chupa Chup lollypop (that I found down the side of one of the kids' seats whilst cleaning my car the other week) with optional fluff ready and raring to go to anyone who knows Kangol Kid's last verse in 'Hanging Out'.

Let us know if you have a request for April's show. Come on, challenge me!

Send all correspondence to: ageingbboysunite(AT)yahoo(DOT)com

Tracklisting in the Comments below.

Listen to the show on the mini-player just below or right-click and save by clicking HERE to download the show for later.


Repo said...

Show 18 March 2012

01 MC Shan - He Cuts So Fresh (Original 12' Vocal Version)
02 Roxanne Shante - The Def Fresh Crew
03 Katch 22 - Service With A Smile
04 Kings Of Pressure - Tales From The Darkside (Cut Shock Mix)
05 De La Soul - Double Huey Skit
06 Chill Rob G - The Court Is Now In Session
07 Bronx Style Bob - NY Ninja
08 Boogie Down Productions - 9mm Goes Bang
09 3rd Bass - Gladiator (Main Mix)
10 DEMO - Def Tex - On The Make
11 Nice & Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow
12 Repo - Digger 4 Life
13 Spyder D - I Can't Wait (To Rock the Mike)
14 Pimp Pretty & Royal Ron - Rock The B-Boy Stance
ALBUM SPOTLIGHT (Sent in by Juzza Heyhoooooe)
15 MC Shan - Project 'Ho
16 MC Shan - Down By Law
17 UTFO - Hanging Out (For Howard G)
18 Ollie & Jerry - Showdown
19 TDS Mob - Scratch Reaction Jorun Bombay Remix
20 Main Source - Time
21 Yazoo - Situation
22 Shannon - Let The Music Play (12' Inch Version)
23 DJ Format - Statement Of Intent (feat. Sureshot La Rock)
24 Breakout - Planet Rock Pt1
25 James Brown - There Was a Time
26 Kool Moe Dee, Special K Vs Run DMC Battle
27 Cool C - Juice Crew Dis

ramses said...

Double def as always Ben, just the right mix of funky fresh beats and anus humour. Great to hear Court is Now in Session again (so you're forgiven for the Ollie and Jerry sin) and your Digger For Life track was superb. Other favourites you ask? Well I certainly got a nostalgia kick from Hangin' Out which isn't a track I play very often, and the DJ Format track was excellent. Also I think we need to call a special constable because the beats on Planet Rock Pt 1 are MURDER. I'll have a brainstorm and try to think of a request, can we request funk too?

Repo said...

Mr Ramses, my barometer of quality! Glad you enjoyed the latest installment.
Hanging Out is one particular song that I don't hear often but just like you, gives me a great buzz from the old days. The new DJ Format album is great and is full of elder b-boy themes and sentiment with nice beats and great instrumentals.
Oh yes, the Planet Rock cover features some seeeeerious drums, doesn't it? I got to say I enjoy hearing live versions of classic hip hop songs. Did you hear any of the El Michels Affair with their interpretations of Wu Tang's first album? Nicer than nice.

And yes, by all means please feel free to request anything that you feel would go down well on the show (hip hop, electro, funk)

Oh, and I think I shall steal your quote "just the right mix of funky fresh beats and anus humour" ;-)


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