Thursday, 22 March 2012

Style Warriors Revenge

Blog recommendation time......

My man WARZ has been supplying quality treats for x-amount of time now and has reached a year with his site Style Warriors Revenge. Check the completely-dope logo above.
This has the official ABU! seal of approval so stick it in yer Favourites or whatever RSS reader you down with because you don't want to really miss out on anything.

The last post I did -which was Mr Thing's Superstar Mix - was smashed n' grabbed live and direct from WARZ so big props to the man. Braaaapppp.

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Seriously unexpected!!!! Much respect for the shout, man.

I set up SWR as a little pet project outside of Olas Un Bekons that didn't just focus mainly on singles and LP's Etc.
Basically a lil' outlet to post what I wanted whenever I could be arsed.

In truth I was probably inspired by AGEING B-BOYS UNITE which alongside Waxer's old blog, were amongst the first ever blogs I'd encountered. So, big up ya'self, Repo.

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