Tuesday, 22 May 2012

4 Pillars Launch Gig - Upcoming

My man Lovegrove (see also this previous post) of Style Warrior has designed the flyer for an upcoming hip hop gig in London.

4 Pillars is the name, bringing together the original 4 elements of hip hop - and no, I refuse to acknowledge that 'beatboxing' is a fifth or even 'knowledge' as yet another (sorry Bambaataa, we need some quality control, old son).

The following is from the official Facebook Event Page:

'Bits, Bits, Doo-Dads Here And There'
"The 4 Pillars are the foundation of Hip Hop; each pillar represents one of the following:

Aerosol Art, MC’s, DJ’s and last but by no means least, B-Boys.

Many people claim to be involved in Hip Hop but only seem to represent one or two of the 4 pillars. Hip Hop cultur...e is EVERYWHERE and has touched EVERY genre of music. If the truth be told, Hip Hop is more than a culture; it’s a way of life and what we aim to bring to you at the 4 Pillars party is a night of pure Hip Hop in its true essence, whether you’re from the old school or the new school, we are one and all are welcome.

'You Do Doodle On The Paper'
In attendance are some very rarely-seen stalwarts of the early UK scene such as Kamanchi Sly of Hijack, DJ's Renegade & Mada as well as Son Of Noise, MCM of Caveman.

The legendary writer MODE2 of The Chrome Angelz (TCA) will be creating aerosol art alongside  Airheads, Hatch and Jaz. It will be auctioned at a later date and the proceeds will be donated to The Prince’s Foundation for Children and The Arts.
Mr LG will also be selling some of his own artwork (see the pics on the right-hand side for examples of his canvas work) on the night.He has a wicked sense of humour which is evidenced in his work with no small love of classic hip hop movie history


There will also be live B-Boying from the Soul Mavericks on the night, too.

The date for this initial launch jam is June 22nd 2012 and will be held at the Underdog Gallery, Cricifix Lane, London SE1 3JW.

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