Friday, 4 May 2012

ABU.... Vision On Stylee

You may wish to open this page up in another tab whilst you peruse the ABU! Gallery.

This nice, retro design is courtesy of the man like J-MC of the DCP Posse
Note the richness of his composition, urging the viewer to stop for a while and delve deep into one's past, searching long-lost thoughts of a simpler time. It conjures up a swelling feeling of euphoria in which two worlds collide; that of Spectrum 48k lo-fi design and Lego bricks.
The feeling of claustrophobia is especially prevalent with the deep, thick border that encases the piece which I suspect is this artists' own metaphor for the hipsters that swarm around and engulf ageing b-boys at hip hop events.

This next entry is from the notebook of a Mr Hayhooooooe.
He has decided to opt for the age-old stylings of paper and pen. Yes, very outlandish I agree but still manages to capture a robust yet fragile feeling of fleeting rhythm with the curvature of it's lettering.
I am especially in awe of the cheeky confines of the latter part of the design with an arrogance displayed in the numbering, forcing the viewer to intake a deep breath, practically feigning a uncontrollable brevity in which the end comes almost too soon. Ah, such is life. I applaud you, Hayhooooe, ho, ho. Bravo.

And this is from me, innit.

Think you can do any better? Come on readers, have YOU got a talent for pen and ink or are a digital enthusiast? Then send something in and who knows, YOU might make it onto the hallowed pages of ABU!
We welcome all entries but sadly they cannot be returned to you.


Wax said...

I miss the Spectrum, never a fan of lego, I just want to be loved...

Repo said...

Hip Hop loves you, Stevie.
x x x

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