Thursday, 3 May 2012

ABU April Show Intro......REVEALED!

As no one successfully guessed the music I used in last month's ABU Show intro, then here it is.

Saboteur was a classic game from 1985 and came out on the Spectrum and C64. I was dyed-in-the-wool Speccy-head so this was the only version I either knew or cared about.

Containing minimalist audio (read: none) save for the occasional crunching of fists, feet or shurikens, the gaming experience was heightened purely because of this. Darting your head towards the smallest whisper of noise as you made your way up and down ladders.

And there was a sequel; Saboteur 2, in which the protagonist was a slinky female ninja if I remember correctly.

The software house that produced this - Durell Software - were also responsible for a wealth of many other games, not least of all, Turbo Esprit (1986), a driving game which was another big favourite of mine.

Ahhh, happy days! 


Ric Flair said...

I spent ages playing Saboteur back in the dizay.
I totally missed out on the tune though, can't remember it at all, you had me there.
I'm gonna have to have a play of it now, thank Herc for emulators !
I agree about Turbo Esprit, that was the absolute tits when i first played on it, running red lights & trying to run pedestrians over.
Gonna have to play that as well now..........

Repo said...

You KNOW that!
TE was great how when you ran over peds there was a so-satisfying 'squelch' sound. Turning corners when in hot-pursuit was a bitch, though.

ramses said...

You'll be glad to know the humble Speccy still has pulling power with the kids of today, my youngest goes berzerk for a bit of Gunfright.

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