Thursday, 2 August 2012

DJ Format Meets Jonny Trunk!

I'm still on a high after witnessing DJ Format live on the wheels of steel at my regular monthly hip hop pub night in Norwich.

Big shouts to Chrome and Just-1 (Sureshot Productions) for organising the most consistently brilliant hip hop night in the city and also IllInspired, Bit & JimCee, Hayhooooooe, Mr Eps, Jediwayne and everyone else who was in attendance.

I found this great interview featuring Format as well as a guy who I have been a fan of for a few years now, respected weird-music collector and creator of the Trunk record label, Jonny Trunk.
It's two hours of Format in conversation and his selection of library music - a genre which I have become more accustomed to in recent years - which is great entertainment.

I'm sending this out to my homie, The Grand Imperial Ramses as this'll be right up his street.

Click to play the show just below.



T La Ramses said...

Oooh I'm all over this - great find Ben!

noe madStyleVandals said...

WOW, those Dirty Harry songs/samples are dope :-D Nice find Reeps :-)

ramses said...

Gave this a listen, there's some unbelievably cool stuff on here and Johnny Trunk is a great host, the show had a nice home-made feel about it. Listening to these two made me realise how little I know about library music! Have to seek out some more of Mr Trunk's shows.

Repo said...

Yes, there's some real gold contained in this radio show. Actually it's started me on a quest to find some Klaus Weiss stuff now.
And Johnny Trunk seems completely different to how I thought he'd sound - like a local radio presenter.

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