Thursday, 30 August 2012

Just Jam 5th Anniversary

Now THIS is a true-school old-school homage.

Just Jam began as most things do, small. It was a modest b-boy event which took place each month in the North-East of the UK catering for anyone who was into the whole hip hop ethic, from the dancers to the dj's to the mc's to the writers to just about anyone who was just down.

Being as Just Jam was preaching from the Book Of Bambaataa and playing musical treats that would light up the dancefloor then it was only a matter of time before this cauldron of fiery funk would bubble up and out.
And so it was that its popularity deemed it necessary to move to a new venue because quite frankly, Just Jam had a lot more tricks up it's sleeves and was begging to stretch it's crazy legs.

Now the Just Jam crew cater for EVERYONE who wants to be involved. For those that want to see a b-boy battle or get on the mic and freestyle or if you just want to immerse yourself in the whole vibe then you can get with this.
There is even a hip hop theatre!
This is truly a doowutchyalike experience and it's here in the UK.

You see the poster above? Look at that. See what they've done to recreate the classic Wild Style poster and you can just guess how much love and respect this lot have for the old school.
I put this photo up on the ABU! Facebook page and it caused a lot of interest. And none moreso than ABU!'s own original NYC b-girl, Patti Astor who loved it and was chuffed in the choice of her new replacement!

Now. Have a gander at this video. If you thought that was fresh...bust THIS!

For more information check these links:

Main Website

Facebook Group

Follow Just Jam On Twitter

The event is held on Saturday and Sunday 27th-28th October 2012.
The main website has details of accommodation also.


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