Friday, 24 August 2012

How Clubbing Changed The World - Tonight

Tonight I'll be in front of the box as there's a couple of programmes that might be worth checking out.

“There’s games beyond the f*cking game.”
First off at 10pm is Idris Elba's How Clubbing Changed the World on Channel 4.
Now. You may remember there was a so-so programme last year featuring the same above British actor (Stringer Bell from The Wire) which had a countdown of the 10 best moments in hip hop's history.
It was bad. It was wrong.
However, I'm a glutton for punishment so I'll be seeing how clubbing history will be twisted this time.
I'm expecting to see a hip hop section and will also expect to see Kool Herc driving around in his convertible with speakers in the seats, Jazzy Jay cutting up out in the street with a guy doing the Caterpillar on some cardboard and also, I will be disappointed if I don't see that footage of the school hall jam with Bam, Herc and Red Alert in attendance with a ZULU NATION piece freshly sprayed.
These are the stereotype and stock footage of ANY factual tv programme doing a piece on hip hop's history. No?

So, as I'll be still sitting watching this, I will then be excited to see the next piece of entertainment right after at midnight, same channel.
House Party is an unprecedented "live six-hour dance music event" with no ad breaks and will be featuring dj sets from Grandmaster Flash, Radio 1's Annie Mac, "Ibiza favourite" Erick Morillo, R'n'B collective Soul II Soul, London quartet Horse Meat Disco (who?) and Canadian exponent A-Trak.

"Has it been spelt right? I can't bloody well see it"
Obviously Grandmaster Flash's set will be eagerly awaited. Hopefully he will bring some of that old school flavour to the show although if recent reviews of his dj sets are anything to go by then be prepared for anything from Tinie Tempah to Lady Gaga.
Soul II Soul I think will put on a better set being that Flash just seems to depend on his name to pull crowds rather than his choice of records. Jazzie B is a connoisseur of the groove so I'm expecting good things.
A-Trak, if memory serves, was that kid who took the DMC's by storm a while back. However I heard he was behind that Barbara Streisand record the other year, too. Hmmmmm....

It is hosted by BBC 1Xtra's Charlie Sloth.
No. Me neither.

Anyhoo, Channel 4 have stated that they will not repeat the programme on 4oD (although it is on Channel 4 +1) so you will need to catch it live.

There's a trailer of the House Party show here.

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Anonymous said...

I do hope your going to write about how REDICULOUS the so called 30th anniversay Streetsounds show line-up is.

Or did you guys always rush out to buy the albums in the 80s to get the latest rare tracks from Imagination,Galexey and The Fatback Band?

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