Friday, 28 December 2012

Retro Show Link

Here it is.... it's a corker.

And the mad thing is, I've got enough material to do another Retro show as well. Maybe next year.

For full tracklist see Comments.


Repo said...

01 Syd Dale - Marching There And Back (Screen Test Theme)
02 Stu Phillips - The Amazing Spider-Man
03 MistaWebsta - Breakdancing At Dinner Time
04 John Gregory - Six Million Dollar Man
05 Stu Phillips - Knight Rider
06 Special Ed - The Mission
07 Francis Monkman - Think Again! Theme
08 Grandmixer D.St. - Megamix II: Why Is It Fresh?
09 Special Request - Salsa Smurph
10 Meco - Star Wars Theme - Cantina Band
10 Shuki Levy - Inspector Gadget
11 Mark Snow - Hart to Hart
12 Herbert Chappell - Paddington Bear
13 Chubb Rock - Ya Bad Chubbs
14 Alan Parker - The Free Life
15 Laurie Johnson - Theme From The New Avengers
16 Hoyt Curtin - Battle Of The Planets
17 DJ Format - Battle Of The Planets feat. The Simonsound
18 The Shirehorses - Arseholes
19 Nice & Smooth - Pump It Up
20 DuckAlert - Auto Reverse
21 The Littlest Hobo
22 The Tomorrow People Theme

23 Trio – Da Da Da

24 Repo's 80 Movie Mix
25 Apologist - Sorry Dub
26 Rick Jones - Bang On A Drum
27 Telltale - Rainbow Theme Tune
28 Solid N Mind (feat. MC Whirlwind D) - An Original Break
29 The Pointer Sisters - Pinball Number Count

noe madSyleVandals said...

damn reeps...that's one hell of a collection of blasts from the past.

Happy New Year bro.

noe madSyleVandals said...

damn Reeps...that's a dope collection of blasts from the past.

Thanks and Happy New Year bro.

Vinyl Record Pressing said...

Love it! lovely jams, happy new year

ramses said...

Ooooh... that was right up my alley. Right up it. A truly marvellous selection of tunes there and some great finds for the ad breaks - I used to buy Input magazine! Also loved the Our Price Work Party ad - Grandmaster Melmel anyone?

Of the tracks I've not heard before I particularly enjoyed the DJ Format track and Salsa Smurf (how did that one pass me by?). Loved your 80s action mix too, quite a feat considering the songs used were basically horrible. (Bonus points for the Eye Of The Tiger intro).

If you really do have enough material for another retro show I suggest you get back in the lab and make a start. And while you're at it have yourself a funky fresh new year!

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