Tuesday, 4 December 2012

The November ABU Takeover Show

Slackness alert.
The show went out last Thursday but I realised I hadn't posted the link up yet (although the Facebook crew will already have it). Oops.

2 hours of freshness, boogie beats, ill drops, some comedy turns from The Jerky Boys and Micky Flanagan as well as yours truly in the mix. There's even a hint of Christmas about this month's session as well. Gobble, gobble.

Oh yeah, I realised my mistake about Jan Hammer's past musical endeavours when it was too late. Blame old age for that ;-)

Tracklisting as always is in the comments below.

Download Show DSR101/ABU25 November 2012


Repo said...

ABU Show 25
November 2012

00 (Sammy Burdson - New Background A)
01 Audio 2 - Top Billin'
02 NWA - Approach To Danger
03 Hijack - The Shogun's Assassin
04 DJ Mix by Hiroshi & K.U.D.O. feat. DJ Milo - Return of the Original Art-Form
05 DJ Format - English Lesson Remix
06 Nightmares On Wax - A Nights Interlude / Jerky Boys - The Gay Model
07 Mantronix - Simple Simon (You Gotta Rock Hard)
08 MC Crazy Noddy, T La Rock And DJ Fingers - It's Yours Freestyle (Jonathan Ross Radio 1 Show)
09 Interlude (Ole Jensen - Late Night)

10 Beyond There - The Positive Step

11 Da Lench Mob - Freedom Got an A.K. (1992)
12 Cash Money & Marvelous - The Mighty Hard Rocker
13 Dr Funnkenstein & DJ Cash Money - Scratchin' To The Funk (Part I)
14 Think Tank - A Knife And A Fork
15 Big Daddy Kane - Raw

Jimmy's Electro Section
16 John Carpenter - The End (Remix)

17 Marley Marl - The Symphony
18 The Runaways - Piano Toon / Micky Flanagan -
19 Lord Finesse - You Know What I'm About
20 Lord Finesse - Party Over Here (Remix)
21 Schoolly D - Gucci Time
22 Beastie Boys - Time To Get Ill
23 Mos Def - Universal Magnetic

24 Foxy - Madamoiselle
25 Yellow Sunshine - Yellow Sunshine

26 Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Instrumental)

27 Herbie Hancock feat. MixMaster Mike, GrandMixer DXT, Rob Swift, Qbert, Babu, Faust & Shortee - Rockit 2002
28 Jacob Miller - Wish You An Irie Christmas
29 Big Daddy Kane & Biz Markie - XXX-Mas
30 Run DMC - Xmas In Hollis

Anonymous said...

yo, been waiting patiently for this, and that intro is dope...thanks bro.

ramses said...

Hey Ben, gallons of goodness as per usual. The track directly after the ABU! intro was superb - one of yours? That stab is royalty! I'm also a convert of Micky Flanagan, very funny man. Plenty of those patented Repo edits and drop-ins too, sound collage-tastic.

Speaking of which, there's a copyright message from a videotape featured in the mix that sounds familiar (but not familiar enough for me to remember where it comes from). My guess is either a Rank or Precision tape, please tell me where it came from before I spend all of Christmas scouring YouTube in my pants.

A funky fresh Yuletide to you and yours,

Capt Ramses

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