Tuesday, 2 September 2014

ABU Podcast #44 August 2014 DOWNLOAD

As I said, it was a live show last Thursday rather than a pre-record.
The focus this month was on the breakbeats and the records that had sampled them. I tried to cover the main ones but time was against me and I missed one very important break out. I could've slipped it in at the end but that wouldn't have given it the right feeling. That would've been a sad injustice to a criminally-important song.
Anyhoo, there were a lot of other goodies in there including a section on the 'Mardi Gras' break where I played the 'no bells' version(!) and also uncovered the mystery 'noise' which is only heard right at the beginning during the actual break.

Next week sees the return proper of the weekly Disco Scratch Radio Show. Every week Waxer will be in the chair giving you the full funk rock-shock that we've been fiending for. It's a new day. The DS head-honcho has vowed that this is a new chapter.
You may be aware that the DS Forum has now closed (due to lack of activity - mainly thanks to Facebook) which is sad but inevitable. I had a bit of a wobble about the ABU blog earlier in the year due to similar circumstances.
It's true that a lot more goes on on the ABU Facebook group than it does here. It's just so easy to post something on FB than it is on Blogger. And the audience is bigger.
If you want to know why I do then this should explain. I can post a video or question on the FB Group and I'll get comments within a few minutes. If I do the same here then I'll be lucky to get at least one reply in a week.
Again, sad but inevitable.

N.b. I was so caught up 'in the moment' that I inadvertently forgot to push the record button until 30 minutes into the show.

This is the main show:

After the show ended I played a few soul sister funky bits as a request for Mrs Waxer x.


Jason Dye said...

Thanks Reeps for another cracking show...that Sky's The Limit track is a tune!

Peace, noe

ramses said...

Great stuff as usual Repo, untold props for the "Mardi Gras noise-at-start" revelation. One big question remains though: why is it there? Was Bob James a fan of the song? Is it some kind of bleed-through on the master tape from a previous recording? A head-scratcher for sure.

Oh and while we're here, thanks also for last month's show. If I'm to be honest I don't think I'm a huge fan of the Boom Bap, but that Liver Birds track was something else. How can a track be so terrible yet so funky? Unbelievable.

For some reason I couldn't get past the John Lee Hooker track on my iPod despite multiple downloads. A shame for sure, I was looking forward to hearing I Can't Wait.


Lil' Rockin' Ramses

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