Sunday, 7 September 2014

Top 10 Material....Easily!

One of these days I'm going to make a list of my top 10 songs.

I have tried to do this many times in the past but I soon realise how daunting this task actually is. Especially when I glance at my record shelves and let out an involuntary wince.
Of course there are songs that stay with you and will always stand the test of time but there is always something that catches you off guard and is a track that you've momentarily forgotten about that upon hearing it instantly gives you goosebumps. Or wood.

For now though I shall add Kid Frost's Terminator to the list.
I'm listening to it now as I type this and from the opening eerie synth sounds and vocoder, the hairs on the back of your neck instantly stand up. And you get wood.
What a great, great record.
I first heard this played by Mike Allen on his Capital Radio show one evening in 1985 and was smitten. As clear as day (and the fact I recorded it on cassette) I can still recall Mike playing it with his immortal words spoken over the intro....."this is Kid Frost...if you listen carefully you can hear the Sikorsky gunships.... be careful, he's out there...".

The fact that this made it onto Electro volume 9 just sealed it's fate with me and that volume is the best of the series in my opinion. Not just because of Terminator, you understand, although that does play a large part.

This was completely different to anything out there at the time and still holds up today. I love this.
I shall end with this brilliant review from "gresty" which can be found on the Discogs website.

"There are so many great electro moments from this period but if I had to name one track which epitomises it all it would be 'Terminator'. Listening to it today, it still sounds as fresh and tight as the day I bought it all those years ago. It stands head and shoulders above 90% of electro from the mid-80's and I would say only a handful of other tracks come close to it's genius (Mr. P, Synergy and Ervin German spring to mind.) Frost's rapping is tough, intelligent and original whilst the overall mood is dark and claustrophobic. Some of the electronics used, the fizzing, clicking industrial sounds, are way ahead of their time. One of the criticisms levelled at mid-80's rap is that of it was too corny but this track is seriously cool."

Download the 12" here:


Martin Lovegrove said...

Definitely a highlight from a pretty strong 'Streetsounds Electro' release... I totally agree. And given that the movie 'Terminator' was doing the rounds too, it seemed to fit the bill even more so.

Great tune.

Mike Check said...

Yup, I feel exactly the same way about this track (might even be in my top 3 depending on what day you ask me!).
I first heard it on Electro 9 and didn't hear the proper 12" version until some years after, so for a while I was oblivious to the fact there's a second verse!

It's an absolute gem and was way ahead of its time. Can't believe its the same Kid Frost that went on to make all that Hispanic rap that didn't have anywhere near the same appeal.

ramses said...

Now then.

I like Terminator, it's a solid piece of mid 8os electro, but I don't think it's a classic; personally I think Rough Cut is better. Oh and I think Electros 8 and 10 are better than Electro 9.

Hey! Who put glass in my trainers?

Ruse One said...

I would also add 808 Beats and Sucker MCs to any top 10.

Electro 5 was better than 9 :)

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