Monday, 22 September 2014

Hip Hop Mastermind

"Lethal Bizzle, Semtex, DJ Target and A.Dot take to the famous black chair and face a grilling from host John Humphrys."

Thanks to Dan 'Fluent' for this.

It's BBC1's Mastermind but with hip hop artists. And I use that term in it's loosest possible sense.
Be warned though, I wanted to throw my laptop at the wall in a furious rage at least 3 times whilst watching this.
Mastermind, my arse.

Some 'highlights' include:

John Humphrys: Which hip hop technique when vinyl records were cued were pioneered by Grandwizard Theodore?
Lethal Bizzle: Pass.

John Humphrys: Which DJ, whose real name is Clive Campbell, is known for playing hard funk records at house parties in the Bronx and is credited with inventing the hip hop genre?
Lethal Bizzle: Ahhhh...(pause)... pass.

Who the hootin' heck is Lethal Bizzle? And why he is included here is anybody's guess.

Watch Hip Hop Mastermind here on iPlayer (available for 29 days from today's date)

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