Thursday, 22 January 2015

Chrome & Illinspired Special on The Boogie Down Under Show

The front cover for The All C N I

If you have been following UK rap lately, and in particular one label - B-Line Recordings - then you will be in no doubt that we are still basking in a Golden Era.

It's with great pride that I know the two lads - plain old Bill and Mike - who are Chrome & Illinspired and are on the brink of releasing their debut album on B-Line entitled The All C N I (BLN012) in just a few days time.
Their sound incorporates great old-school wordplay and deftly mixes in new-school cuts and scratches with a full-on smattering of chest-crushing boom bap to complete the package.
It's true to say that their releases are never half-cut and each single or EP they produce are given more spit and polish than Tommy DeVito's fuckin' shinebox. This is evident in every song you will ever hear and goes without saying that the forthcoming album will not disappoint.

To prepare us for the upcoming launch Boogie Down Under's Dayle showcased some of the best moments from the lads' back catalogue with a few exclusives thrown in to further spice up proceedings in his latest radio show.
Make sure to check this out as it really is dope one. Listen below or go direct here.
If you want to rip it for offline listening then use this site which will help nicely.

Here's the tracklisting from the show:

01  You Should Know (Original Mix)
02  Feels So Good (from the Out Of Sight EP)
03  The All C N I
04  Clown Shoes (From Chrome And Guests LP))
05  Triple Word Score (from the Out Of Sight EP)
06  All Days
07  Shock The Place (Part 1) (B-side of No Messin')
08  Step It Up (from the Out Of Sight EP)
09  No Messin'
10  Anger Strikes (from the Out Of Sight EP)
11  In Control, In Effect
12  Big Dreams (Original Version)
13  Nerve Centre
Be sure to follow the Boogie Down Under Show regularly with the official Facebook page:

A full review of THE ALL C N I album will be posted once I've heard it, but let's be honest, it's the album of the year and it's only January.
To order your (vinyl) copy get over to B-Line Recordings' website:

Check these links, too for more of the duo's back-catalogue. Cheap!
Step It Up -

Chrome And Guests -


John Dough said...

Always down for a bit of Chrome & Illinspired. Lovely stuff.

Now then Repo, me old china, just how in the blazes does one sign up for this super covert ABU/DS chat room situation?
Bearing in mind I'm not on the old Facebook dillio.

WAXER said...

After hearing the LP snippets and reading this, I thought to myself "Eh, Waxy woo-woo, you're full of working your nads off after Christmas, got those January blues, on a diet, everything is a bit shitty (except the missus & kids OBVS! & my kith & kin (you knows whoyouizzzz), so I thought I'd have a look about the ole interwebs for some vinyl to bridge that gap... and lookeee what we have here.... dope UK MCs? Dope production from a great label? Roughin it up in a golden era sylee? I NEEDS THAT SHIT, so after reading this I just bought the twat on B Line.

I'll be reviewing the LP with my dad soon, who's 81 years old for the first Disco Scratch show of 2015...

Anonymous said...

What a great show. I have been a big fan of C & I since these 2 blokes Repo 136 & Waxer Disco Scratch into'd me to UK Hip Hop and it is very cool to see them reach this pinnacle. Plus you got to love the ABU-generated crossover to the Boogie Down Under with our Homie Dayle Dickson. XX Patti "A"

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