Thursday, 15 January 2015

Hello 2015!

Here we go, now the introduction... Repo, ABU Productions....
Happy New Year and all that waffle. It's 2015, we've been on the DL for a while but now we're here again and feeling energised and hungry to get back in the old blog seat and heat up the keyboard.

Thank you again to EVERYONE who has supported ABU and stuck by us through thick and thin recently. And a big FU to those lame sucker ducks who stepped off, consider yourselves dissed and dismissed.

My long and lean, lip-licking, legend in leather homeboy, Mr Waxer is making a very welcome return imminently and put up the following post on his website which I have borrowed and pasted here:

"Imagine yourself sitting down, in a bubble.  That bubble is moving forwards at a constant rate, not slowing or speeding up.  The bubble does not alter it’s path, does not deviate from it’s course… From the bubble you cannot interact with the outside world, nor the outside world interact with you… the outside world does in fact, not know you are there.
From within your bubble, you can observe the world passing you by… you move through time and space, however you are in effect, stationary.  You have your past memories, current senses intaking the external surroundings with your mind to the future.
This is something like what I have been in for roughly 2 months, possibly 3.  I felt the need to get something out there so that supporters of Disco Scratch who noticed I dropped off the planet will know why and where I’m at now & where we are heading this year and into the future.
First off I want to make something absolutely CRYSTAL CLEAR.  Disco Scratch will not disappear as long as I can possibly run it.  I’ve come close to shutting the doors a few times, but in the end, a bit of bubble time makes me realise what I’ve got here and the great people I have met who have grown to mean a lot to me, contributors & supporters alike.
I have no interest in looking into what has gone before, I only want to forge ahead with the new… Every single DS show, podcast, tape rip etc is still available and will be there indefinitely… I stand by this body of work with pride.  If you can find another site on the internet that has run as long, provided more shows, downloads, interviews, knowledge, fun & laughter while celebrating the roots of the UK Hip Hop Scene… let me know.
I started using the internet in 1998, searched around for something, didn’t really get anywhere until I found which I joined and loved… then in 2006 I found Heroes Of UK Hip Hop… this site, run by Websta, encouraged me to do my own thing. Heroes was without doubt, the best site I have ever belonged to and I cherish it… the support on there was fantastic.  In 2007 Websta & I put on a jam in Birmingham, the first Heroes jam… all that went loved it & I am proud to have been a part of it..
I registered Disco Scratch in 2008 and started podcasts, tape rips, interviews etc… around this time I came across the Ageing B Boys Unite! blog and again, was blown away that someone had such passion & knowledge, along with a good old British sense of humour, Repo and I are like peas in a pod!  We quickly formed a strong relationship and Repo, Websta & I soon realised that we could all get together and have a good do… in 2010 we put on another jam in Birmingham, featuring B Boys, dope UK crews & DJs with some of the best wax in the UK.
Due to work & family commitments, Websta closed the Heroes site, but is still out there penning lyrics & supporting the scene, I hope that we can get together for another jam soon… since the “3 The Hard Way” jam, Disco Scratch (DS) & Ageing B Boys Unite! (ABU) grew together and have formed an unbreakable bond.
The DS weekly radio show became popular and brought live radio with interaction via chat, with the monthly ABU podcast giving the professionalism & knowledge along with a well researched and simply DOPE music selection.  This contrasted nicely with the regular chaos of DS Radio!
Along with this, DS & ABU had a presence on Facebook, where ABU grew exponentially and was without doubt the strongest and best supported group celebrating the old school scene that anyone knew of.  I have always had a love/hate relationship with Facebook and came off it several times but always returned… a situation arose on there that turned nasty, so Repo, & in turn myself as admin, decided to shut the group.  I also decided to close all my FB groups & account permanently.
Following this, I entered my bubble…
So here we are, a couple of months on & into a new year… I am exiting my bubble and as such thought I’d let my followers know what has been happening and where I am heading.
I have been in regular contact with my brother Repo and I am proud to say that in January we will be back on air together for the ABU podcast.  This show will be airing all the tracks submitted for the ABU album, volume 2.  As is tradition, this podcast will go out at the end of the month, the last Thursday of the month, at 9PM on Disco Scratch Radio… there will be a difference this time.. we’ll have a chat, but it will need e-mail registration so we can verify who you are.  We want to make things better for the real heads who want to support us  We want users of the chatroom to know they can chat with the right people, enjoy the vibe of the show, have a laugh with their mates… like it SHOULD BE.
For the following months, I’ll be doing a 15 minute section on each ABU show.  I’m not going to be doing weekly shows for a while as I have decided to turn my attention to areas of Hip Hop & other music that I love, but have neglected.  I’ll be starting a record label this year, I’m aiming for an autumn launch & this year I’ll be looking for artists to release vinyl.  The label will be vinyl only, it won’t be exclusively Hip Hop either, more details coming as soon as possible.  Mainly, I’ll be in the studio, producing tracks.  It is unrealistic for me to be a family man, run a business, do the radio & all the other bits… the radio show is great, I love live radio, but the time is right for me to concentrate on other things.
So, look out for updates on this site, ABU, and our Tweets, @Waxer, @DiscoScratch, @AgeingBBoys.  Note that a new ABU site might be coming soon, so that’ll be the main place to get your ABU fix.  At this stage we are unsure if there will be any presence on FB… personally I won’t be on it, but there may be an ABU! page, probably it’ll just be for news, updates & info.
So, I look forward to connecting with my supporters in 2015, please check back for updates here & on the pages mentioned above… respect, peace & love, Wax, January 6th, 2015…"

Actually there WILL be an ABU page on Facebook.
However it will not be the same as it once was but will be mostly for one way info. In effect it will be me posting links to all the Blog posts and maybe a linky-dink here and there pertaining to anything I reckon will suit the membership. There will be no starting of topics allowed by anyone other than me but members can comment on existing posts.
Apologies if this all sounds a bit harsh and Draconian but we need to establish some boundaries.
Oh yeah, its a CLOSED group as well so only those I know or who are approved will be able to read content.

"They tried to step on our ego, walk on our pride. But true, blue brothers stand side to side through thick and thin, from beginning to end this battle we lost but the war we'll win...." 



Raychelle said...

nice one waxer,glad you and Ben are back,may the force remain strong!!!!lotsa love, Raychelle.xx

Anonymous said...

Cream always rises to the top. Much Respect to ABU & Disco Scratch. I want to make it very clear Patti Astor & FUN Gallery Crew have got your back. Looking forward to 2015, no toys need apply.
XX Patti "A"

Waxer said...

Props to all crew, supporters & true family of this scene we all hold to dearly to our hearts... the turn of the new year is like the rebirth... the poison has been drained from the wound & we've had the all clear from the doc... don't front on ABU!... cos we deliver the beats, rhymes & laughter like hattie jacques delivers babies... Blappage!

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