Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hijack - The Horns Of Jericho (1991)

Arguably the best British album ever (although some might say that title goes to the London Posse's Gangster Chronicles - not me though, I'm all over the Southside crew like a cheap suit), Hijack upped the game with their long-awaited debut elpee back in '91.

Now this could possibly be due to Ice T's influence, or that they were signed to a major label, nay major American label, or maybe it's because they were just shit-hard. Look at 'em! They've got knives and balaclavas and that. They're saying, 'Buy this album, you spotty, white geek or else we'll come round and kick down your door and use our loud, shouty voices to scare you to death with tales about South London and Brixton hard nuts'.

How about that intro to the album? Gives me shivers each time I hear it. Weird, emotive, manic stuff.

My pick is Hijack The Terrorist Group which is a real rousing ball-cracker of a track which gives me the same feeling I experience when listening to PE's Welcome To The Terrordome.

What happened to them? They came, they conquered, they got dropped from Warners/Syndicate, and then started releasing effing crappy Garage bollox that's what (Do You Really Like It? 2001- chorus refrain "we're lovin' it, lovin' it, lovin' it" - yes, you know it. You do love it, too).

You want a tracklisting? I got ya tracklisting right here, Jack:

A Side
1 Intro / Phantom Of The Opera (4:50)
2 The Syndicate Outta Jail (3:46)
3 Daddy Rich (Part 1) (5:59)
4 Back To Brixton (3:38)
5 Airwave Hijack (Part 1) (3:31)

B Side

1 Hijack The Terrorist Group (4:52)
2 The Badman Is Robbin (3:03)
3 I Had To Serve You (3:12)
4 Don't Go With Strangers (3:38)
5 Brother Versus Brother (3:01)
6 The Paranoid Schizophrenic With Homicidal Tendencies (1:22)
7 The Contract (Featuring - Huntkillbury Finn , The Icepick, Shaka Shazam) (4:19)

Download the album here .
Password repo136isabadmuthashutyomouth


Greg said...

I've been looking for this one for a while. I only know the track "Hijack The Terrorist Group" from this album, can't wait to listen to the rest.

Thanks a lot.

Benzini said...

Thanks Greg. Send me your email address to me and get ready to hear some superior hip hop.

jaZz said...

Hijack's the bomb and I'm curious to hear this one! Pls mail the password to junkeboom@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

thank you

Whistler said...

Dope site. Keep em coming. Send me the password please.

Benzini said...

Hey Whistler, I need your email address first. 'Tis not on your profile, dude.

remoteplanet said...

An incredible album. Along with Overlord X, Hijack were the Public Enemy of the UK. Fantastic blog you have here! Thanks for bringing back the old school, especially the UK old school!

Benzini said...

Thanks remoteplanet.

Hijack were really our most militant group, weren't they? I always wonder how far they might've gone had things been a little different.

Oh and welcome to ABU!, too!

Whistler said...

Benzini, mr.burnis@yahoo.com. Thanks again.

rowan said...

Hijack's old 'Hold No Hostage' 12 is a favourite of mine. It'll be good to hear the album - thanks for the upload. Please send the password to rrowanoliver@gmail.com.


James Brown said...

i've been looking for this for ages! thx...
email: csp-music@web.de

Exhumed Identity said...

Cheers mate. Been looking for this for months now.

mail the pass to charlieholt_1@hotmail.com

Klicknekoff said...

It's nice enough, especially the proto-Horrorcore type stuff and the West-East Coast production style straddling. Shame about the accents, which are really, really bad.

Ben The Ageing B-Boy said...

As of today, 453 downloads.

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