Monday, 17 November 2008

Mantronix (The Deluxe Edition)

How can you make a great album even better? By making it a Deluxe one, that's how!

I'm a sucker for rehashed products and constantly buy the same thing again even if it's only got a slightly different colour or bonus remix included. But with this classic Mantronix LP you get a whole barrage of unreleased shaznay.

If you bought all the 12" singles when they first came out then an O.G. such as yourself may already be familiar to the tracklisting. However if cd's and mp3's are the instigators of your musical whimsies then you are about to experience a series of spontaneous pelvic convulsions.
Radio mixes, Alternate mixes, A Capella versions, they're all here.

1.1 Bassline
1.2 Needle To The Groove
1.3 Mega-Mix
1.4 Hardcore Hip-Hop
1.5 Ladies
1.6 Get Stupid "Fresh" Part 1
1.7 Fresh Is The Word
1.8 Bassline (Club Version)
1.9 Needle To The Groove (12" Version)
1.10 Fresh Is The Word (12" Version)
1.11 Ladies (UK Remix)
2.1 Bassline (Radio Version)
2.2 Bassline (Instrumental)
2.3 Needle To The Groove (Alternate Version)
2.4 Jamming On The Groove
2.5 Needle To The Groove (Live Version)
2.6 Ladies (Live Version)
2.7 Ladies (A Capella)
2.8 Get Stupid "Fresh" Part 1 (A Capella)
2.9 Fresh Is The Word (Radio Version)
2.10 Fresh Is The Beat
2.11 Fresh Is The Word (A Capella)

Download here but remember if you ain't giving up props first, ABU ain't giving up the password. Alternatively, become a hallowed FOLLOWER of the blog/b-boy junkie (see right, near top of page) and get the pw mailed straight to you whether you like it or not. Huzzah.

Fresh for 85, kickin it live, you sissyyyyyy


Waxer said...

Yes Benzini we exchanged words a while ago, big up mate, not many of us old school heads around these days, I put a link to your blog on my mate Scenes 14s forum, you might get a few more straggling along!

I subscribe to your blog and like the fact that you don't drown people in posts but have fewer, but quality posts, deffo the best way.

Anyway, keep up the good work, great download, speak soon, peace, WAXER!

Whistler said...

Haven't thought about this group in a long time. Shoot me the password please.

R said...

superb :) i love mantronix

luis said...

Very Good Recopilation of Mantronix

milola said...

What's the password, please?
Good work though.

Benzini said...

The password is.............



b.boy-loyalt said...

Kurtis Mantronik was one of the best producers and remixers back in the days. Something between Arthur Baker and Marley Marl, because he blended successfully electro with funky beats and elegant rap. Pure epic, authentic b-boy music. Big up to the man who posted this. Keep true hip hop alive. Could I have the password, please?

Andrew said...

Thnx for postin'! Saw Mantronix with T-La Rock in 1987: pure uncut dope!

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