Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Manhunt 2 Out At Last

So I finally got my copy of Manhunt on the PS2. I ordered it through well over a year ago but due to the Ratings Board banning it the first time around I've had a looooong wait.

Was it worth it?

I''m not sure yet having only played one and a half levels in.

Firstly the audio is brilliantly effective and as creepy as it was in the original. If it has similar in-game bizarre and surreal comments from the other nut-bags as before then I'll be happy.

What I'm most peeved about though - and I was expecting this - is the fact that Rockstar have had to tone the 'killings' down from the finished game. What we're now given is a strange, messy, vibrant almost psychedelic cut-scene each time you perform a hit on someone.
This takes away from the fluidity of the game and makes the experience a little odd to say the least.
Anyway it's early days yet so I'll reserve further judgement until after Xmas when I'll have hopefully finished it - I'm not the world's fastest gamer any longer what with wife, kids, college and that to keep me busy.
What I love about Rockstar is the way they incorporate a lot of GTA references. For instance, looking at the game booklet, you'll note that the guy you control (Danny) lives in San Fierro, SA. Seem familiar? A quick shufty back to GTA San Andreas will rock your noggin.
Similarly in the original Manhunt game, it was based in Carcer City which had several mentions in GTA III, some during the in-car radio news reports ("....police chief Gary Schaeffer was cleared of corruption charges in a controversial decision by the courts. Let's hope those missing witnesses turn up safe and sound.").
Any fans of Manhunt/GTA feel free to add some comments. Even if you hate the game and think they're for sickos, then please tell me!

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sweetbeats™ said...

I finished manhunt on the ps2 and couldn't let the game or memory card go as I loved it so much...took me ages and is is my favourite game of all time : )

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