Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Ebay Madness #1

From time to time I see the odd thing on eBay that is pretty expensive and a little ludicrously priced. Such as it was today when my 'Wild Style' search brought up this little beauty.

I bought my first copy (Animal Records) in the very early Nineties for £15. And picked up another one shortly after in my local second-hand record shop for a couple o' quid.
Now, it's not as if these are very hard to find as they turn up on eBay quite regularly so I'm reckoning that "pop2.0" is using Mr Freddy Fresh's rating of 4 out of 5 stars.
Still, £150 clams is a hefty chunk of wedge for anybody.

Being an aficionado/sucker for all things Wild Style I seem to have accumulated the following:

Soundtrack - Vinyl - Animal Records - 1982

Soundtrack - Cassette - Animal Records - 1982?

Soundtrack - CD - Rhino - 1997

Soundtrack - Vinyl - Beyongolia - 1998 x2

King Kut / Fantastic Freaks At The Dixie - Vinyl - White Label - 1991?

Wild Style 25th Anniversary Edition - CD - Mr Bongo - 2007

Grandmaster Caz & Chris Stein - Wild Style Theme Rap 1 - Vinyl - Chrysalis - 1983

Wild Style Instrumental Beats - Vinyl - Beyongolia - 1998 x2

Wild Style Sampler - Book - 2007

Wild Style Movie - VHS - 1998

Wild Style Movie - DVD - Rhino - 2002

Wild Style Movie - DVD - Mr Bongo - 2003?

Wild Style Movie 25th Anniversary Edition - DVD - 2007

DJ Black Steal The Original Wildstyle Breakbeats Album - Vinyl - Music Of Life - 1990 (in my younger days I did something rather foolish and rather embarrassing with this)

Wild Style Poster - from Tom in Mr Bongo, London - 1998

Wild Style Lesson EP - Vinyl - Mr Bongo - 2007

Cripes. That's the first time I've ever listed my stuff and I'm a little shocked.
And one of my two copies of the Beyongolia issue soundtrack albums is still sealed. Oh yeah. Box-fresh and oh so sexy.

If anyone's got anything else they want to share (or sell, ahem) let me know.

**UPDATE 3rd December**

And I forgot to include:

Wild Style Record Bag

Wild Style T-Shirt

Also, check out this link and you'll see a much cheaper one on eBay. And still sealed, too.

And I've just bought another copy of the Mr Bongo 25th Anniversary Edition on CD. Well, I had to really at only £1.95 with a Buy It Now. For the love of Herc, somebody stop me before I buy again!

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