Thursday, 18 December 2008

Steinski - Origin Sources

Yep, it's another Steinski post.
It has become an almost lifelong quest for me to find all the more obscure samples from Steinski's 'Lessons' records.
As the internet has come into play it is now much easier to find such information. I have a couple of YouTube clips below which may be welcome to any fans.

If you have any more clips, mp3's or info on any other samples then please, please, please let me know!!

Thanks to Jake for kicking this particular post into effect!

This one used on The Payoff Mix (Lesson 1) is commonly misquoted as 'Have faith children, what does it all mean?'. It is not the most clearest of samples but the actual phrase is, 'And say, children what does it all mean?'.
Apparently New York City Mayor LaGuardia read out the comic section to the city over the airwaves in 1945 when the newspaper delivery men went on strike.(I can imagine Boris Johnson doing this!)

Fast-forward to 1 minute 25s for the scoop......

And this one is found near the end of the James Brown Mix (Lesson 2). As much as I love the 'iz' way of speak, I still don't understand it fully. If anyone could translate this specific passage for me then I would be as happy as Larry.
Chug-a-bug along to 2mins 33 if you have an MTV-like attention span. For all the cool kids out there I recommend you listen to the song in full though.


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Thanks for the link - who'd have thought there was an actual video made for this song?

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