Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Mike Allen Show & UK Fresh mp3's

A massive thanks to Mr Bobby Dazzler who has very kindly been ripping some old cassettes of Mike Allen shows.
Check these out, the links are below as are the performing acts.

Mike Allen - The Best Of 1985 Part 1

Mike Allen - The Best Of 1985 Part 2

UK Fresh At Wembley Arena, London, Saturday July 19th, 1986

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 1

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 2

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 3

Mike Allen UK Fresh 1986 Part 4

Acts performing at UK Fresh

Part 1

Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese

Steady B

The Cosmic Crew
Captain Rock

Sir Mixalot

Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde

Lovebug Starski

Part 2

Captain Rock

Grandmaster Flash

Just Ice

World Class Wreckin Kru

The Real Roxanne


Part 3

Sir Mixalot

Word Of Mouth & DJ Cheese

Grandmaster Flash

World Class Wreckin Kru

The Real Roxanne

Part 4

Sir Mixalot

Afrika Bambaataa


luis said...

Regards From Spain & Happy New Year. Very Thanks For This Show´s Mike Allen....

Sorry My English, is bad.

Regards : NeoManX

Anonymous said...

Hi there, much to my disappointment I'm unable to download these files as its reached the maximum no of downloads. Any chance they could be reposted or perhaps emailed? Please let me know as I'm dying to hear these! Cheers, Andy (leaning out of the window holding my dodgy aerial connected to my Saisho ghetto blaster trying to get a decent Capital signal to record Mike Allen)

Benzini said...

Hi Andy,

You didn't leave an email address so I can't mail you this info. These were reupped in Feb and this is the link http://repo136.blogspot.com/2009/02/mike-allen-re-ups-new.html
Don't get me started about dodgy radio reception to Capital Radio. It was like I was having a game of solo Twister whenever Mike was on...grrrr...!

Anonymous said...

i cant belive i heard the dj cheese set 1 more time after nearly 23 yrs. i was there 4 pt 1 and what a f@?*&^%g day it was! i will never 4get. a big shout 2 all the oldskool b-boys, breakers, writers etc. jamie c.

jon said...


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